Monday, February 18, 2013

The Nerdy Girlie and the SDCC 2013 badge sale saga

Myself, hunny and my brother already had SDCC passes via my professional husband. During the open sale we were trying to get badges for my parents. Both The Music Maven and I were on two computers in two different states. We both clicked exactly at 9am {I even practiced a few times before to make sure I could do it successfully} only to get the white loading screen on 3 out of 4 computers and one error. 

About 5-8 mins into the white screen of nothing, The Music Maven just hit back and was in the waiting room at around 40,000. I did the same and came into the waiting room at about the same number. She thought all hope was lost {because we were the same number last year and didn't get them any tickets at all}. Thankfully both of our waiting room screens kept reloading and we were able to get in right as the 4 day passes sold out. 

We purchased 2 passes each for all the individual days which is better than I had expected. Much better for us compared to last year when I didn't help her out and they were unable to attend. Even my husband had a hard time at the SDCC professional sale saying if you didn't log in straight away, you were not guaranteed any passes. I knew it was going be a rough go of it, but I tried to keep calm and carry on...unlike The Music Maven!  Everything sold out in less than 100 minutes.

Return re-sales for SDCC badges should happen around May like last year.  Please book mark the Comic Com website and follow them on Twitter for updates.  My next stressful thing for SDCC will be the parking pass sales.  Last year got rough, so expecting the same for this year.  

How did you all fair?  I tried to tweet out what had worked for me during the sales, hopefully that helped some of you.  If you could not get into SDCC try Wonder Con in Anaheim!  The dates are March 29th-30th.  I will be attending for the first time this year and cannot wait!  Tickets are still available on their website HERE!

Comment below if you have any additional questions about San Diego Comic Con. You can also check out our San Diego Comic Con Guide for more useful tips and tricks!  If this post helped you, share please share it with your friends! 


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