Monday, February 18, 2013

Nerdy 4 Sci-Fi

My first sci-fi movie was in 1990 when I saw Back to the Future III in the first row at the movie theater.  My second was Jurassic Park in the theaters in 1993.  I was also a big X-Files fan at that time, but it would mostly give me nightmares, but that didn't stop me from watching!  It was not until 1996 and the release of Independence Day that I was hooked.  I had the poster on my bedroom wall and when the VHS was released  I took the time to pause and rewind multiple times to write down the president's end speech. {Side Note:  Didn't realize Adam Baldwin was in ID4 until I jumped on the Firefly bandwagon in 2009.}
My top favorite 10 Sci Fi movies
4.  Serenity
8.  Super 8
10.  Looper

As I go through the "sci-fi" movies on Amazon, there are a LOT.  Some I didn't include because I labeled them under fantasy instead of sci-fi {Harry Potter, LOTR, Vampires} if it wasn't science/tech or space I didn't include them.  If a movie comes out that is alien or space or future {especially future/space!} related, I am there!  I could go on and on with this movie list, but I won't bore you :)
My sci-fi obsession also spills over to TV.  Futurama has been my top favorite show since it began airing reruns at night in Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network.  I would watch it every night as my lullaby.  When I could afford it, I finally bought the DVDs and watched them every night.  When we got Netflix and I found it there, I watched it every night.  I'm a bit obsessed with that show.
My love grew when we attended our very first SDCC in 2009 and I learned of Firefly.
Then my Doctor Who obsession finally began in November of last year.  David Tennant is my Doctor and I cannot tell anyone enough about how awesome this show is and how everyone should watch it!!
Before the finale season of Fringe began in 2012, I did a month long marathon to caught up {S1, S2, S3, S4} so I could watch the last season live!  It was worth it.  I had watched season 1 and maybe half of 2 when they aired.  Then life got in the way and we had no DVR back then {HOW DID WE LIVE?!}.  I am so happy to be a Fringie again!  I also go get the above graphic novel, it was GREAT and fun way to get more Fringe stories!

10 Sci Fi Books I Love:
{in no particular order}
1.  The Host
Coming Soon excitement!
Ender's Game - Novemember 1st
About Time - November 1st
Thor The Dark World - November 8th
Catching Fire - November 22nd
Godzilla - 2014

I know there are a LOT of movies/TV/books I have not see/read yet!  Which should be first on the list?!



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