Monday, January 7, 2013

Nerdy 4 Being Human

It is one of my favorite TV shows of all time.  I am so sad for it to be over, but so happy that it had a chance to go out on top and have an amazing ending.  Here is how my love for Being Human began.
When I saw THIS^ poster in a New York subway station Christmas time 2010, it was covering one entire wall and I stopped to stare while my group walked along.  One look and I KNEW it was a show for me!  As a HUGE vampire fan, I quickly took a picture to remind me to watch it.  

Once January 17th, 2011 rolled around I persuaded The Hunny to watch along with me and we have been hooked back since!  With GREAT story lines and GREAT actors equal AWESOME show!  By the time SDCC 2011 rolled along we were primed and ready to put in the long wait and early wake up call to get into their panel.  
We ended up with nice seats in the Hilton Bayfront Hotel ballroom and the panel was well worth the wait!  The cast was funny, kind and so gracious!  I was so happy to see them in person after all those nights watching them on the show.
When that day was almost done, I was hanging out in front of the Hard Rock Hotel {my now go to place to see celebs during SDCC!} and the entire cast walked by!  I took a quick few shots, but nothing great.  I was waiting to meet my family when a while later, the cast walked back by and just hung out talking!  I took my chance to get a shot with Meaghan Rath.
I always feel bad bothering them, but she was super sweet and nice!  She loved that my name was Megan too :)  Then I asked if I could get a group shot and she was like my SDCC 2011 was made with the above shot!  Ps it is totally on my fridge!
My wonderful Hunny took both photos.  He was ever so sweet about me drooling over Sam Witwer!  But The Hunny was doing some drooling of his own over Sam Huntington.  I managed to convince him to grab Sam for an individual shot and The Hunny was all smiles!
Halloween 2011 I dressed up as Meaghan Rath's character Sally the ghost.  It's an easy one and comfy too for a Halloween night passing out candy.  Perfect for an Everyday Cosplay!
Being Human also has one of the best soundtracks on TV!  From the very first song they played during the pilot, I was hooked!  I had to find out who that was.  And so began my love for the musician Royal Wood.  He was the first song they played in the pilot and it was love at first listen.  I was so happy to hear that he would be featured again in the series finale and it ended up being the last song.  The first and the last, so perfect.  His vinyls are the ones I spin the most, especially while writing, I call him "swoon" music.  Now we just need to get him to come tour the US!
Sam Witwer & I at Phoenix Comic Con
I was extremely happy with the series finale.  I was worried it wouldn't wrap up neatly, but I am so happy how all the characters had a happy ending.  Even with the sadness of the show ending, they were able to get some funny parts in which I think makes the show unique.  I had a huge ugly cry at the end!  I cannot remember a show that I was with from BEFORE the beginning to the EVERY end!  It was an emotional night!

You can catch season one through three on Netflix and season one through three on Amazon Prime with four available for purchase.  Now that US is over, I can try the UK version!



Melody Simpson said...

Love your Being Human retrospective! This show will stay with me forever!


Thank you so much Melody!! xo

Molly Bunn said...

I've never seen the US version of Being Human, but I love the UK version!!!!


Molly that is good to hear, I'm nervous, since I like the US version so much! Gonna start the UK version now! xo

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