Friday, January 4, 2013

Doctor Who Season 5: A Brand New Show?!

July 5th 2008 - April 3, 2010.  That is how long it took for Doctor Who to come back for a fifth season.  There were four specials in 2009, so I guess that held people over a bit.  This season felt like another show reboot.  Season 1-4 seemed to go together.  Season five seemed a bit different.  In a good way!  More flashy, clean and bright.  Almost every episode I couldn't take my eyes off of.  In previous season my favorite episodes were usually the only ones that held my attention.  I love Matt Smith but think I still have feelings for Chris and David.

Favorite Episodes:
*Flesh and Stone - {I loved the return of the Angels and River Song.  Don't think there is an episode that she is in that I DON'T like.  Counting down the moments till I can find out more about her!}
*Amy's Choice - {Adventure or comfort?  Risk or ease?  Totally felt for Amy in the episode.  Some now and some later maybe?!}
*Vincent and the Doctor - {Totally made me cry, only the second episode to do so!  Loved the TARDIS picture by Van Gogh that ends up in the final episodes.  NEED that for over my fireplace.  Also didn't hurt that a DEFIANCE actor, Tony Curran, played Vincent!  BRILLENT!}
*The Lodger - {Loved the sweet mini love story and seeing a more human side of The Doctor.}
*The Big Bang - {Amy saves The Doctor this time!  Great way to end a wedding and a season!}

Bring on season 6.  I know where I will be this weekend!
Tell me about your favorite episodes.  I would LOVE to hear from other Whovians!


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