Monday, January 21, 2013

Fringe Series Finale

"Liberty" and "An Enemy of Fate"

Wow.  When I played catch up to be able to watch the final season live, this is not what I expected.  From the trailers it looked as if the show was going to revert back to the first season but in the future.  I am so happy it did not turn out that way.  These last two episodes were perfect and I can say that I have some closer, even though it is sad to say good bye.  

I was so happy to see that Olivia would have to travel to the other universe.  Those were always my favorite episodes.  I am completely fascinated by all the tiny different details.  Like when Fauxlivia and Lincoln find out Olivia is back, on the TV behind them is shows a banner for Chelsea Clinton running for president.  Brilliant!  Olivia informs them that she need their help to rescue Michael so that she can re-set time and get rid of the Observers.  I wonder if that would effect their time as well, even if they are in a different universe?  But they end up helping and it is nice for her to see them one last time.  

"Will you stop checking out my young ass."  -Fauxliva to Lincoln

Michael is recovered and the plans are back on track.  September goes to one of the original twelve Observers for a favor.  We then get to find out a bit more background on the Observers.  The original twelve were all named after months in our year.  They all began to show signs of caring for the humans they were observing.  Only September and August got caught.  

"Destiny can be changed if you have the will to change it."  -September

One of the most emotional parts, and there were many, was when Peter finds the tape to him from Walter and they watch it together.  Walter explains that he is the one who has to take Michael to the future and his 2015 self will then be erased because of the paradox their time travel will create.  It was such a touching moment between the two who have been together and apart in so many different ways.

Another bitter sweet moment, when Astrid shows Walter his cow one last time and he says...

"It's a beautiful name...."
"What is?" - Astrid
"Astrid." - Walter

I don't think I stopped crying for the rest of the episode.  Before the team departs from the Harvard lab one last time, September informs Walter that he has taken the extra time travel shot so that he can take his son into the future and Walter can stay with his.  Love has changed them both.

In one last big and final send off, Peter and Olivia take all the Fringe events and dump them into the Observers' building.  This last season hasn't been as graphic as the previous, so it was a bit of a shock to see all that stuff again!  By doing this they get what they need from the Observers and save Broyles who has been held captive.  

Now time to save the world.  As September and his son run into the wormhole, September is shot and killed.  Walter then has to take his place.  My favorite moment happens when Peter mouths "I love you Dad," to Walter as he crosses into the wormhole and time is reset.

We jump back to Peter, Olivia and Etta in the park 2015.  Olivia has a small smile on her face that makes me wonder if she some how remembers all that has happened as Peter does not.  They return home and Peter has a letter from Walter, he opens it and it is Walter's white tulip that Walter couldn't remember where he last left it.  

The End.

It was such a sweet ending and even though Walter would not be in their lives anymore, he gave them their lives back.


Sarah Van Syckel said...

So, I know this post is 2 & 1/2 years old, but I have been waiting to read most of your Fringe posts since I discovered your blog last fall, as I was totally in the throes of watching every season. I cannot believe I missed this show when it was on live! I ended up getting the bf into the show, and chose to wait for him to watch the last few episodes of Season 5. Really, I just wasn't ready to say goodbye to the team :'( Love your thoughts on the finale! I cried all over again remembering the episode and the whole series and how truly incredible of a show it was!

Megan Gotch said...

Sarah! Thank you for commenting on this bc now I get to read it again too! That September quote is perfect for me right now I just need to do something with it! I am so happy that you loved the show as much as I did. I am so happy that they got that last season to wrap it all up in the perfect way! xx

Sarah Van Syckel said...

You know, when I watched the episode and September said that, it really sparked something in me. It is perfect for me right now as well (I am loving reading about your current journey-LOVE your positivity!!). And I agree that the show ended perfectly!

Megan Gotch said...

Thank you so much Sarah! Right! Things come to us at the right time I believe and I have you to thank for re-introducing me to that quote! xx

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