Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Doctor Who Season 6: My Top 6 Episodes

I do not know how the writers of Doctor Who do this.  I completely envy them and they simultaneously boggle my mind.  I love how everything comes together in a complete package at the end of series six. Doctor Who season six might very well be my favorite thus far.  I do not think I have ever picked more favorite episodes!  

1. The Impossible Astronaut

{I love when nerd shows collide.  Mark Shepard from Firefly was a guest star in this episode and that was super awesome! I LOVED how you knew the Doctor was not dead, but had to wait to find out how.  This entire season was one big circle of clues and I loved it!  I loved how you discover later in the season how he got the hat and the envelopes.}

2. The Doctor's Wife

{This was one of two episodes I picked that didn't follow the over arching story line of the season.  Suranne Jones, who plays "The Doctor's Wife" aka the TARDIS, was amazing! I loved her!  She was perfect.  Their chemistry and how they finally got to vocalize how they felt for each other was so sweet.}

3. A Good Man Goes to War

{More things are revealed.  River Song is both Melody Pond, Amy and Rory's daughter and the Doctor's future wife.  Everything is coming together!}

4. Let's Kill Hitler

{I don't think there is an episode with River Song that I do not like.  We find out that Amy and Rory's life long friend Mels aka Melody IS Melody Pond and she then regenerates into the form we know her as River Song!  Perfection!  It was fun to finally to see the beginning of her journey and the Doctor giving her her famous TARDIS journal.}

5. The Girl Who Waited

{Second episode without the over arching storyline.  Amy gets lost and Rory is the one to save her in the end.  Completely sad how Rory had to choose between the two Amys.  HEART BREAKING!  Tears were flowing for this one.  I would have made the same choice so she would have never had to gone through it.}

6. The Wedding of River Song

{The episode I had been waiting for, but not what I had expected.  I am a wedding person, so I wanted a lavish affair, but this was sweet as well.  Made this my favorite season thus far!  It only keeps getting better!  How is that possible?!  These writers are amazing to get everything to tie together in the end and not make it boring re-watching the same things!}


I bought the season pass on iTunes for series 7 and have to catch up on that before the show returns MARCH 30th!  I did find out I do have the BBC America channel so the DVR is set and the countdown begins!


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