Thursday, November 29, 2012

Doctor Who Season 2: Depressing?!

I didn't think I could go on after the season one finale and loosing the first Doctor.  Now after the second season finale I don't know if I can go on without Rose!  I don't think I have ever watched a more depressing show.  Of couse it isn't always depressing, but the underlying tone is always loneliness.   As for the new Doctor he FINALLY won me over in the fifth episode*, which is now my favorite of what I have seen of Doctor Who.

Favorite Episodes:

*The Girl in the Fireplace
My most favorite episode of the series so far.  This is where I finally accepted the new Doctor.  I was romanced by the era, the fashion and the relationship between Madam De Pompaduor and the Doctor.  I finally saw the deep loneliness the Doctor has.  He has all these loves and lives forever with them in his hearts, while they in turn only have one love, him, and wait a lifetime for him but can never truly have him.  SIGH!

*The Rise of the Cybermen
Dashing in a tux, yes?!  I love me some parallel universes and this great {even more great that they brought them back in my last favorite episode}!  Mickey finally steps up and becomes a man without Rose.  Rose gets to see her father again.  Downside the Cybermen are trying to take over the human race.  I always love when the whole family gets together to save the day!

First time I cried while watching...they just keep jerking me around!  First the Doctor makes Rose go to the parallel universe {where they left Mickey}.  Then she comes back to help him close the portal.  Then she is sucked into the portal...oh wait her dad/not dad saves her taking her back to the parallel universe.  Then she wakes up hearing the Doctor's voice, travels miles and miles and miles...sees him one last time...can't touch him...tells him she loves him and he says...."Rose Tyler I...."  NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  I was kinda upset they tried to lighten up the episode with the bride arriving in the Tardis!  I wanted to wallow in my sadness!  

Oh well must push on to season 3!

Finally, I really have to use the "Fingers on lips!" Doctor line at preschool! :)  Bringing the nerdy to a new generation!


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