Thursday, September 27, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2011: Day 4

We gave ourselves time to sleep in and ended up leaving the house by 9am.  Dad was too pooped to come this last day!

As soon as we got there, we walked on to the floor, and it was nice!  Not as crowded at Saturday.  We were there for about 3 minutes when we walked past Gollum aka Andy Serkis!  He was with his kids and chatting up Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew.  I did a double take as we got closer and totally pointed at him and said kinda loudly...THAT'S Gollum!!  His small children looked up at me like I was a we past, I stopped for a quick shot.  We walked about 20 feet more and I almost ran into Sam Witwer from Being Human!!!  Again I yelled to John, with Sam pretty close to me....THERE'S SAM!!  John called me a stalker, but I DIDN'T follow him, so I wasn't!  :)  

We ended up walking around the floor together and separately on and off waiting to get in the H Hall line for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia panel.  This artist was using Sharpie markers to draw a Star Wars mural on a VW throughout the con and it was AMAZING!

Loved this Voltron statue.

Was excited to see all the NEW Futurama toys getting ready to come out!  Was SUPER happy to see these three.  Also they had coming out the robot mafia figures.  

When I re-met up with the hunny, he told me he spotted the Sunny cast and that they were signing at the Fox booth.  So we walked by and for poeple who didn't have a signing ticket, the security had made a photo walking line.  I didn't get a good picture of Dee, but Mac looked right at me for this one and after I took it, I smiled and waved and he waved back!  :)  After this we headed over to the H Hall line.

Ferb is a NERD too! :)

The Hunny gets a hold of the camera.

So the H Hall line was a mad house, when we arrived Glee fans were piling out and Supernatural fans were trying to get in.  I was kinda hoping we were early enough to get into Doctor Who panel.  But our line was stopped with less than 100 no Doctor Who for us.  But after a 3 hour wait, in the blazing sun!!, we finally got in for The Cleveland Show panel.  They showed part of their Comic Con episode which was cool, now I want to see the rest.  Then it was finally time for the SUNNY panel!!!  The whole cast came out in their Nightman Cometh costumes on!  We got to watch an entire new episode from the new season and then there was time for a Q&A.  The very last and best question was asking them to sing the Nightman was STUPENDOUSNESS!!  

We got out of the Sunny panel just in time for me to get my LAST Nathan Fillion sighting of the con.  I hauled butt over to the CA Browncoats booth for his signing.  I didn't have tickets but was happy just to get a few pictures....and here is his disguise from yesterday....

Nathan Fillion coming out of the Hard Rock Hotel and heading to the Con.


My cute hunny in my hat...he looks cute in hats now that he has long hair!  This was defiantly the BEST SDCC for me!  The 1st two years I was so happy to just be there, that I wasn't paying attention to the people around me (celebrities).  It is such a TREAT to see people that you love to watch on TV/Movies in real life!  50 weeks till next years San Diego Comic con!!!!


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