Thursday, September 27, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2011: Day 3

Good family picture....

Tired family picture...3rd day waking up at 6am.

Our early rising was for the Being Human panel at the Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel.  When we arrived to the line at 7:30am there were already over 200 people in line.  And after our arrival the line BLEW UP!  We were let in around 9:30am for The Attack of the Show panel.  @The_Gamer_Geek was super excited about this one, he LOVES this show and was able to meet the hosts the day before, also very happy about that:)  For that panel we ended up being about 14 rows back.  After that the family left and the hunny got us up a few more rows for the Sanctuary panel.  This was break time for us, as the Being Human panel wasn't until afterwards.  

FINALLY the time was upon us...we moved up a couple more rows and they showed a lil preview of next season (which they had only been filming for a week) and it was exciting!  The three main actors Sam Witwer (my favorite), Meaghan Rath and Sam Huntington (the hunny's fav) were AWESOME.  They were super talkative, personable, friendly and very FUNNY!  This was deffinalty one of the highlights of my con.  

We left directly after that and walked around the floor a bit.  Phineas and Ferb were having a signing.

And I decied to finally venture into the Perry mobile and guess who was standing right next to me Mr. Perry himself Dee Bradley Baker!  

Someone in line was nice enough to snap a picture of me with him.  

After reuniting with the family downtown to get our FREE Cowboys and Aliens Ts, I saw a tweet from The Nerd Machine that there were 40 tickets available for the Nathan Fillion panel at their Nerd HQ, and we were RIGHT by it, so The Music Maven and I ran over there and were able to get in, right as Zachary Levi was beginning the panel!  

We even had Chuck actors Joshua Gomez (Morgan Grimes) and Ryan McPartlin (Capt. Awesome) sitting directly behind us!!  

Zach introduced Nathan and gave him the sweetest hug...awwwww!!

Nathan began with wishing and wishing and wishing how much his co-star Jewel Staite could be there and we were all like....????? and then.....

She walks out! :)  Nathan then said he would so much rather Jewel be there than Adam Baldwin! and then......

ADAM came out!!!  This was such a great panel.  They talked about nothing in particular but it was super funny and at sometimes sweet and of course always charming!  

Then the end they posed for the 200 attends.  It was a awesome and intimate thankful for Twitter!  

After the panel we headed downstairs to check out NERDHQ.  I LOVED the Lego Nerd Machine and The Music Maven bought me my NERD HQ Hat...which the Hunny ended up stealing from me!

By this time we were exhausted from 4 days of SDCC and early call times!  We walked through the Hard Rock Hotel, where I had to stop for a picture with my FAV magazine, then just hung out on a bench in front of the hotel to take a load off!  Shortly after sitting down we saw Nathan Fillion walk out "in disguise" he was wearing exactly what he was wearing to the NERD HQ panel but with his "disguise."  Will post a picture of it in tomorrow's blog post, since he might want to walk around the con with it tomorrow too:) THAT WAS FUN!

AND GUESS WHO DECIDES TO WALK BY!?  THE CAST OF BEING HUMAN!!  It happened so fast that I didn't grab them for a picture, but got a nice one of my Sam.  We also ended up seeing Nick Swardson from Grandmas Boy, a G4 personality and The Punisher, Thomas Jane.  

We ended up resting there for 2 hours, by that time the Being Human cast came back around and just hung out right in front of us.  I walked over and said hi to Meaghan Wrath and she was pleasantly surprised to find out my name was Megan too, and I got a picture with her.  The other seamed busy and were all talking with Thomas Jane, so I didn't want to butt in...but someone else decided to, sooooooo.....

I was able to get a picture with all three of them and Sam Witwer had his arm around me nice and snug :)  I was so excited afterwards that I didn't see if the Hunny wanted a shot with his Sam the werewolf...soooooo  

We grabbed him and the Huny was super happy to get a shot with his man crush:)  This MADE both of our SDCC!!!

After this the zombie walk was coming to an end where we were standing, so @The_Gamer_Geek was happy to be able to catch the tail end of it.

This was hands down, THE best SDCC day I have had in the 3 years we have been going!  Next year I'm just going to camp out in front of the Hard Rock Hotel!  One more day to go!!!


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