Friday, August 24, 2012

When McDonald's Toys Were COOL!

Recently I have been trying to buy back my childhood.  Back in the 80s I remember the treat of going to McDonalds every week and getting an AWESOME new toy.  That was the reason to go to McDonalds then, now I long only for their french fries.  Here are a few of the toys I have been stalking eBay for.
The transforming McDonalds food, was one of my TOP favorite, luckily The Hunny still had his collection.  Now I just need to find a cute way to display them so that the kitty does not  knock them around.
The McDonald's food toys were some of my favorites. I think it might be linked to going there the food came with the toys, so the cross marketing really got me as a kid.  Well played McDonald's!
Halloween time when the happy meals came inside these AWESOME buckets, that you could then use for trick or treating!
The muppets were a big part of my childhood and I also had a HUGE stuffed animal collection. These became a part of it!  I just bid on a brand new Fozzie on eBay {Christmas decoration!!}
After seeing these Muppet Babies toys, I wish they would but that show on DVD/Bluray!  The Muppet Movie did do well {they are making a sequel!}, so maybe!?? **fingers.crossed**
Oliver and Company, is one of my favorite Disney movies it made me want the ginger kitty I now have!
Garfield and Friends was another GREAT show, we even have it on DVD.  The Hunny likes to watch every episode to see if he can catch their mention of the Klockmen Diamond :)
I even remember having this cup and the Garfield one too!
Any readers out there have memories from your childhood that get you every time!?  If I could I would go onto eBay/craigslist tonight and buy all these toys.  Not sure what I would do with them.  Probably just stare at them and remember what a great childhood I had!

What memories from your past do you long to find again?  Share them with us in the comments and let's all reminisce together! 


Anonymous said...

you'll be see alot of my collection on craigs list maybe you will find what you are looking for you can contact me than if interested

Janet R said...

I still have the chicken nugget and beige hot cake transformer and the Garfield Mugs. Heck I might have the stuffed Muppet Babies somewhere. I'm sure my mom still has the plastic pumpkin ones.


Janet so jealous!! Thank you for sharing!! xo

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