Monday, August 27, 2012

Nerdy 4 Firefly

I first heard about Firefly at my very 1st  San Diego Comic Con in 2009 during my very 1st Chuck panel (before I knew about either of the shows).
2009 Chuck panel
As soon as SDCC was over, I headed over to Netflix to watch the entire season of Firefly and re-watch it again!  I was a Browncoat by the end of the 1st episode!  I love how the show makes you care about the characters and I did not realize that it was going to be funny!  So many great one liners!   My favorite episode is "Out of Gas", where you get to see how all the crew found each other.  After I finished the season it was time for the movie Serenity!  I remember seeing the trailer for it in 2005 when I worked at a movie theater but never saw the movie until 2009.  The Hunny likes to brag about the fact that HE saw it on the BIG screen and I did not!  During Serenity I laughed, I cried...and then begin to share Firefly with anyone who would listen!

Halloween 2010 I dressed in TWO River costumes.  One from the show & one from the movie!  It was super fun & I LOVE dressing up.  My preschool parents thought I was dressed up like an 80s girl!
2010's SDCC was a HUGE highlight of my year, as it was my 1st year as a Browncoat.  I spent almost all my money at the CA Browncoats booth buying a magnet for my car, comics & a Jayne hat.  I even got a comic signed by Nathan Fillion (the happiest day of that con!).  He had tweeted that he was signing at the Browncoats booth and I RAN over, got in line with the rest of my group trailing behind.  The hunny got there in time to snap a picture!
Serenity: The Shepard's Tale graphic novel as Christmas present 2010.  I have all of the Serenity comics  and they are great!  It is fun to be able learn even more about the characters even though the show is gone.

*2011's SDCC @ NERD HQ*
Again Twitter saves the day!  I heard that there were tickets still available for this event about 30 minutes before it started.  I was in the area so ran right over and begin walking it RIGHT as it was beginning!  The panel was suppose to only be Nathan Fillion, but then we were surprised with Adam and Jewel showing up!  It was such and awesome fan experience because it was such a small venue (about 200 people).  At the end they stood and let everyone take about a million pictures, it was sweet!

*2012's SDCC Firefly 10th anniversary panel*
The Hunny, The Gamer Geek and I woke up at 1am and head to the line by 2am (with MATCHING Captain Mal/Hammer Ts!).
At 3am The Hunny woke me up to say Joss Whedon was coming down the line, signing and taking pictures!  Joss is such a sweet, kind and thankful person.  He has the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time and he is walking a line of fans at 3am (with NO security!).  What an AWESOME person!
At noon that day we FINALLY get to see the cast!  

The group gathers for a long round of picture taking for all their loyal Browncoats.  There was lots of laugher and lots a tears throughout the panel.  This was the most moving moment I have witnessed in my 4 years at Comic Con.  Everyone on the panel was/is truly grateful to be there and have all the support from fans these last 10 years.  THAT is the reason I latch on to things, when the people and the emotions are real.  That really grabs at my heart and turns on my NERD switch!

*SDCC 2013*
The year we get to watch the movie Serenity on the field of Pet Co park WITH the stars Nathan and Alan!
We were ready to go Browncoat tees and hats ready! 
Nathan and Alan gave a nice little speech.  Which I filmed. 
After the speech they laid down and watched and gave commentary for the first bit of the movie!  What an amazing experience.  All the Browncoats in one big place, laughing and cheering together like the show never died!
2013 the year I FINALLY get a picture with Nathan and a surprise bonus Alan!  We were all surprised that it wasn't just Nathan in the photo booth.  Alan Tudyk was there too.  Nathan liked my Doctor cosplay and we shot the photo quickly.  When it was over I gave them both a big squeeze, BUT apparently it was a BIT TOO BIG for Nathan as he was "OUCH why'd you do that?!"  I then said sorry, sorry, sorry and ran away.  He was laughing of course, but I guess I don't know my own strength!



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