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Nerdy 4 Futurama

I moved to Pennsylvania in 2001 and started working at the Cinemark Theater.  After working late I would come home, turn on the TV to Adult Swim.  It was there I discovered my love for Futurama!  From then on I was hooked!  Upon moving to Virginia and getting a not so late job I was able to watch a Futurama episode every night before bed & it became a lullaby.

With the show now over I have finally gone through and picked my top 10 favorite episodes!  Most are old but there is ONE new one that stood out to me!

CLICK photo to see my choices!
Of the movies Bender's Big Score is my favorite...not sure how many times I have watched it...too many to count!  It was such an awesome way to introduce Futurama back into the world!

*Favorite things about Futurama*

1.  When they have songs in the episode.
Besides having the theme song as my ringtone on my phone, I also made ringtone for the Popplers theme:
& the New Justice Team theme!
2.  Time Travel.  One of my all time favorite episodes is from the newest season, The Late Phillip J. Fry.  The Professor builds a forward traveling time machine.  When Fry, the Prof and Bender try to jump forward one minute in time, the Prof. accidentally sends them to the year 10,000.  From there they keep jumping forward looking for a backwards time machine.

3.  Back Stories.  One of my favorite back stories is from the newest season, when Bender and Hermes go on a trip to learn about why Bender was born with a defect instead of just being destroyed at birth.
My self made Futurama birthday cake!
*Favorite Quotes*
Leela: "Didn't you have ad's in the 20th century? "
Fry: "Well sure, but not in our dreams. Only on TV and radio. And in magazines. And movies. And at ball games and on buses and milk cartons and t-shirts and written on the sky. But not in dreams. No siree!" 

Professor: "Behold, a time traveling machine."
Bender: "Time? I can't go back there!"
Professor: "Ah, but this machine only goes forward in time. That way you can't accidentally change history or do something disgusting like sleep with your own grandmother."
Fry: "I wouldn't want to do that again."

Bender: "Is there an app for kissing my shiny metal ass?"
Random: "Several!"
Bender: "Oooh!"

Bender:  "Who are you, and why should I care? "

Fry:  "If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, I hate you."

Linda:  "I'm sure those windmills will keep them cool."

Ndnd: "For the last time, I don't like lilacs! Your first wife was the one who liked lilacs!"
Lrrr: "She also liked to shut up!"

Bender:  "I support and oppose many things, but not strongly enough to pick up a pen."

Al Gore[in the year 2012] That hundred dollars could have gotten gallon of gas[ominous music] (The Hunny's Favorite)

*Futurama at San Diego Comic Con!*
SDCC 2010's table read.
Our 1st San Diego Comic Con in 2009 the Futurama panel was a HUGE disappointment.  They were still working out the kinks of bringing the show back and getting the original cast to sign back on.  So NADA happened.  
But at 2010's Comic Con Futurama was back and we got to hear a table read from one of the upcoming episodes!  It was hilarious to see and hear the voice actors create their characters in person!  With many of the characters voiced by the same person, it that was amazing to see them switch back and forth so easily!

2011 we missed the Futurama panel (ballroom 20 was INSANE!)  But 2012's we were up early, in line & got AMAZING seats!  And again they did not disappoint, showing 1/2 of an upcoming episode, doing some of the FUNNY Fry Memes & Matt Greoning having a drawing contest with one of the Futurama artists.
With 2013 being the last year Futurama would possibly attend Comic Con, this year was all about Futurama for me!  I stopped by the booth to pick up all the new Futurama stuff and JUST missed a Matt Greoning signing!  But was happy to get this picture!  The panel was amazing!  I videoed the entire cast reading the first part of the FINAL episode.  They showed the animated 2nd 1/3 and answered tons of questions, plus did a final draw off between Matt and Futurama artist.  It was an amazing way to end the series, LOTS of Futurama love!
I LOVE my Futurama collection, I just wish I had a better place to display it than in the closet!  The 1st year I attended Comic Con {2009} they had THE best exclusive {the alternate universe Fry & Leela}.  This year at SDCC, they showed so many awesome toys at their booth.  There are still only a few that I need to get for a complete collection.
Wish we had room for a wall like that to display my collection!
Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Netflix as well as all the movies.  Now I can watch them anytime long as their is WiFi :)  

What are you NERDY for?!


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