Friday, July 27, 2012

Nerd Crafts: Foam Lightsabers

*foam noodles {bought at dollar store}
*3 roles of Duck Tape {black, silver and red}

Step one:  Cut foam noodles in half.

Step two:  Proceded to cover the bottom of the noodle halves with the black or sliver duck tape.  Make sure you cover the bottom as well.  I covered the hole by folding over any excess tape and then adding small strips of tape in a star pattern to secure.  

Step three:  I used the opposite color to make different saber designs, because every Jedi has a different lightsaber!  The red duck tape was used to make a circle on each for the "power on" button.

*The 1st one was a bit difficult to do, but by the 2nd one I was on a roll, making them in about 7-10 minutes each.*

Perfect as take away for a Star Wars themed party!

For double lightsabers do not cut these in half!  Tape up the middle with your design and done!

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Unknown said...

These are awesome! I am going to have to make some for my nephews!

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