Saturday, March 5, 2022

flying solo // ojo caliente, nm

I'm done waiting for someone to go places with. Time to get out and fly solo.

Saying farewell to Marfa was bitter sweet. I’ll be excited to see her again. My journey continues on, excited for a pit stop in Roswell, NM. I’ve always been a fan of aliens. X-files. Independence Day. Signs. Fringe. Futurama inspired 100 cups of coffee. I had to stop on my way to Taos, NM. I’m glad I did. But just make it just a pit stop. Sticker for my water bottle, photo with an alien. I was ready to move forward to Taos, NM.

While working at soona, many of my fellow co-workers raved about Ojo Caliente. I added it to my Google Maps two years ago, anticipating a time to stay. COVID hit, the resort had an unfortunate fire. When my birthday came around this year, I decided to finally make a reservation.

Ojo Caliente was a perfect way to end my road trip. I pulled in at 4pm, the sky a bright blue. The resort nestled against a mountain, held a peaceful hush. I had planned on dining in their on site restaurant at 6pm. But I was hungry and exhausted, so I decided to order take out instead and cancelled my reservations. Dinner in hand, I cozied up into the fluffy bed to watch Ozark season 3, falling asleep by 9PM. Listening to my body has been my biggest take away on the trip. And it paid off the following morning.

Guests of the resort are able to enter the mineral springs three hours early at 7:30AM. After an amazing night's sleep, I woke up refreshed at 7:20AM. I pulled on my swimsuit and Ojo Caliente robe to walk the few feet to the mineral springs. One person beat me. The first pool I went in was covered and I had it all to myself.

The second was open air. I stayed for 15 minutes before other guests joined me in the pool. The March morning made for the perfect balance between the warm springs and the cool desert air.

I tried the saunas. Dry and steam.

The last pool, my favorite, had a natural pebble floor. I stayed in that one the longest and only had two people in there with me and not even for the entire time. By 8:30AM more guests had begun to arrive. I felt relaxed, at peace and ready to return home.

I am already thinking about my next visit:


Drive from Denver // 9AM (5 hours)

Arrive & hike // 3PM

Check in // 4PM

Dinner at restaurant

Bed early


Mineral springs // 7:30AM

Yoga // 9AM

Breakfast at restaurant

Check out // 11AM

Stay: Ojo Calente, yes it is worth it.

To Do: Hike, hot springs, yoga and they have a spa.

Eat: Restaurant on property (not great, not horrible). Each room does have a microwave, mini fringe and is stocked with utensils.

Shop: They have a nice gift shop, but I am choosing experiences, not things. And this experience was perfect.


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