Sunday, January 30, 2022

3rd denver apartment tour! 🏡

Back in July of 2021 I was ready to move out of my brand new apartment, and into something more homey and in a different neighborhood. Craigslist came through and I found this beauty in the Cheeseman Park area of Denver. Welcome!...finally LOL
I love that my new building as code access. I'm on the garden level and have amazing natural light for all my plants! The living room above feels cozy and lived in. Even Simon has a new spot on his favorite blanket!
The kitchen is decked out and I love the backsplash. This apartment is a lot smaller than my old place, but I've found ways to organize (my favorite), display and discard items. I feel like I have the exact right amount of things now!
I have an office downtown, but we are not required to go in. I have a perfect little work from home nook with my brand new standing desk and chair. I love that I have a bus stop only two blocks away that will take me down to my office when needed. I usually only use my car on the weekends now.
Since the two sliding doors on the left is only half is closet space, I've created this fun art installation of my hats on my wall! They look cute and function as storage! Win, win! I also have containers under my bed for shoe storage and my side tables have lots of storage as well. Everything has a place!

I'm thinking of adding a treadmill into the bedroom. I miss having one and there is room. There are sliding doors to close the bedroom off to the living room, but I love all the natural light I get so I keep those open. There is the option to close if the treadmill looks obtrusive.

And that is my new place!! New-ish by 6 months! I am so happy here, the only thing missing is a parking garage! LOL You can look back on my past two tours here. WOW has my style changed since 2014!


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