Saturday, September 19, 2020

Thrifted Fall Fashion 🍂

The thrifting bug has hit me hard! It was also the start to my sustainability journey! I'll credit my bestie Liz with taking me to the Goodwill by my first Denver apartment to outfit my kitchen! Since 2016 my love of Goodwill, thrifting and sustainability has only grown. That is why I've deiced to share with you my favorite fall thrifted fashion! Let's go!

At the beginning of my thrifting journey, I wasn't very good with time or picks. Once I really began to take the time to one, find what I needed and two take care of purchases, things began to click. I've found so many nice things and I'm excited to take care of them!
Outfit one: Express top, Loft pants
Outfit two: Woolrich turtleneck, Ralph Lauren coat, Madewell pants, Sam Edelman flats
Outfit three: Zara coat, Loft sweater, Madewell jeans (these have gotten so many uses!)

All of these items I wash on cold, light spin and then hang out to dry. When I put my things away, I inspect them for any strays and make sure to clean them up if need be.
Outfit one: Sweater Old Navy, top Tommy Hilfiger, jeans Gap, shoes
Outfit two: Scarf, sweater, Jessica Simpson pants
Outfit three: Henri Bendel coat, Jessica Simson pants

Not everything I own is thrifted. But a majority of it is. Recently I've only been buying neutral items or accessories new. The white button down is from Everlane a brand I've been admiring for a while now. This top didn't disappoint and I have it now in two colors. First I'll look at Goodwill, then I'll try buy from brands that are sustainable.
Outfit one: Gap sweater, skirt, shoes
Outfit two: Gap sweater, Loft pants (also gotten a TON of use!)
Outfit three: Chico's top, Jessica Simpson pants (slightly big in the waist but still wear the heck out of them!)

Along with thrifting, I do love my luxury items. I don't buy a lot of them, but when I do, I think about how long I'll have them. And that I can hopefully pass them down someday! They mean as much to me as finding something amazing at Goodwill. Life is all about balance.
Outfit one: Sweater, turtleneck, pants
Outfit two: Zara coat, turtleneck sweater, Madewell pants, shoes
Outfit three: Ralph Lauren hanker-chief, Loft sweater, hand me down Madewell pants

I've also been very lucky to get some amazing hand me down items from my bestie Liz and my sister in law. I will never say no to free clothes! LOL I'll try on everything, find out what I like best and donate the rest to Goodwill. I love being apart of such a sustainable cycle!

Biggest take aways?!

1. Take your time on your shopping trip.
2. Have a list.
3. Try everything on.
4. Inspect each item you want to buy.
5. Take home and treat with care!

Share your thrifting tips, tricks and questions with me in the comments below. Follow my Instagram for lost more thrifting #ootd and sustainability tips. And I'll see you back here NEXT season! xx Meg


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