Wednesday, October 30, 2019

My Top 6 Thrifting Tips & Tricks

I started thrifting to save money, today I thrift to build a wardrobe I can be proud of. Less impact on the environment, brands that are higher end and because it is a fun challenge! Here are my favorite ways to get the most out of a thrifting adventure!

1. Does your thrift store have a 50% off day? I am a complete fanatic and have added Goodwill Denver's monthly 50% off day to my calendar! I try to ONLY go get even better deals that way! BUT I usually go every other weekend....sometimes every weekend! It is a complete addiction once you begin so be prepared!
2. Shop for the season. My favorite item to get at Goodwill is winter wear!!! It is so expensive and time consuming to make. I've found a really nice Calvin Klien sweater that is sooooo soft and lots of great blazers and coats (TWO Ralph Lauren!). I'm so excited about quality items, that can get me through the cold Denver winters in style!

3. Make the time. When I do a thrifting run, I know I'm going to dedicate some time. I have my list ready to go and I start at one end of the store and go to the other. It is best to either go on your own, or with a friend who is as dedicated as you are. When I go thrifting with Spence, I know it will be a short trip, so I plan accordingly. When I go with my besties, we are there through every rack!
4. Try things on in the store. *Cue try on haul montage!!!** Once your cart is full. Take it to the dressing room. Usually my best friends and I will fill a cart and then try everything on together, switching items if something doesn't work for the other person. This way you only get the items you LOVE and that fit properly. Otherwise leave it for someone else to find!
1. Everything but belt thrifted. 2. Shirt & pants thrifted. 3. Shirt and pants thrifted.

5. Quality over quantity. Remember to inspect each item before purchase. Getting things dry cleaned and sewn up really helps the life of an item if it is not looking its best, but you are still excited about it. I just did that with a $5 Henri Bendal blazer (see pink blazer above)! It had stains all over it, but for $5 I couldn't pass it up. My local dry cleaner made it as good as new again! Invest in sustainability and you won't regret it!
6. Don't' forget the home goods. While working on my overall sustainability, I've overhauled my pantry to start using glass wear and buying in bulk. I always look for glass wear while thrifting, or other items on my home list, that can easily be bought second hand. Organizing items, pillows (I wash them!), in the begining of my journey I even bought pots, pans and cutlery. Mirrors and frames are great to search for as they are so expensive and easy to repurpose.

Have you started thrifting? Interested in thrifting? Pro thrifter?! Share with me your questions and comments below! I'd love to hear about how you are helping the environment and your wallet!! Every little bit helps! xx Meg


B. said...

I've been using Poshmark to put together a cosplay and you can find some really nice high end brands for a steal on there! It's like digital thrifting!

Anonymous said...

Saved as a favorite, I love your web site!

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