Monday, July 1, 2019

Why You Should Be Creating Traditions at San Diego Comic Con

I have always been a big fan of traditions. For my birthday I decorate my own cake. Me and my best girlfriends meet once a week for Brinner. On Christmas Eve night we open one gift. SDCC is no different. Traditions make SDCC even more of a special time and spending it with family and friends makes it worthwhile. Here are a peak at The Nerdy Girlie's yearly SDCC traditions.

1. Photo before each day at the con. I am very keen on capturing special times in my life on film {or now digitally}. SDCC has become a huge part of my life and as such I LOVE documenting it with my camera. What started in 2009 on a whim, now is a mandatory tradition! We cannot leave for a day at SDCC without a group shot in front of the house! It is such a fun way to start the day and document our excitement and exhaustion as the days go by.
2. Photo with Futurama. I have always been a HUGE fan of Futurama and SDCC has only grown that love. When I found out about their exclusives in 2009, I thought "where has SDCC been my whole life?!" That first photo in 2009 sparked a tradition I look forward to every Preview Night, it is one of the very first things I do! I also do one with the HUGE Entertainment Weekly in the Hard Rock Hotel, but that didn't start until the first year we went downtown which was 2011.
3. Blogging each night. I cannot go to bed, no matter how late it is, before I have done a blog wrap up of the day before.  In 2013 I got a bit more lax on this tradition, per my busier schedule, but I did manage to share all my day's events before the con ended. I do this so I don't forget any of the awesome things that happened!
4. One REALLY early day.  2009 it was Twilight.  2010 it was Chuck.  2011 it was Being Human. 2012 it was Firefly and 2013 it was Sherlock.  Looking back, 2009's "early" was only 8 a.m.! Each year that time has gotten earlier and earlier. It wouldn't be Comic Con without the least amount of sleep possible.

5. Closing down the con on Sunday. This didn't actually begin happening until my third year at the con. The first two I was still getting my bearings. Sunday is the last day, I must make the most of it and leave as they are shutting the doors. SDCC only happens ONCE a gotta make it count!
6. Two years in a row, I had a dress made out of the SDCC famous swag bags and they both were a huge hit!

Comment below and share your traditions or if you have any additional questions about San Diego Comic Con.  You can also check out our San Diego Comic Con Guide for more useful tips and tricks!  If this post helped you, share please share it with your friends!


Anonymous said...

Okay, so, an anime con might not be the exact same as a comic con (although I should totally look into that one as well), but I'm going to my first one this year! And here you've been to so many! So... I guess I can't say I'm starting any traditions. I need to make some more nerdy friends ^_^. Maybe that will be my tradition: Make at least one new friend.

Do you always go to the con now, regardless of what events they have?

Melody Simpson said...

These are awesome traditions! I don't have any fun or unique traditions or really any traditions that I intentionally set out to be in Hall H and/or Ballroom 20 ALL DAY on 1 or 2 days of the con or go to Ralphs whenever I need something, no other store, just Ralphs. Now you've got me thinking about what kind of tradition I want to set out to make! Awesome post!!!


TK, yes I always attend SDCC no matter what is going on. Most likely there will be something I am super excited for. Just the atmosphere in general is enough! Thank you for your comment!


Melody, so glad to get you thinking about con traditions, they are so much fun!! Thank you for your comment! xo

B said...

We always stop at The Broken Yoke! Our trip doesn't feel complete without it!


B we just recently ate there and YUM!!!

Joie Fatale said...

Our Con tradition has always been my brother and I check out one panel. But since my hubby has been attending (2011 was his first year; 2005 was mine), we camp out for Doctor Who and "TV Sunday!"
This year is GOING to be my first cosplay year. That's going to be a new tradition.


Thank you for sharing your SDCC tradition Joie! It is so fun to hear what others do! xo

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