Friday, July 19, 2019

9 Ways to Combat San Diego Comic Con Melancholy

You just finished up the biggest con of the year.  How's the fatigue? Has it now turned into melancholy yet? Are you cozying up in those PJs reminiscing about the weekend gone by?! Skipped going back to work today? 11 MONTHS till the next San Diego Comic Con! How will we make it? Here are some tips to get you to next year!

1. Use all that swag! SherlockeDCC tea from Adagio is brewing now, my badge is hanging on my rearview mirror & my High Voltage Magazines are read and waiting on the coffee table for new eyes. Little things in little places will always bring a SDCC smile to your face.
2. Wear all your new nerdy tees! I wear them like a badge of honor, since at they all required me to wait in quite a long queue to obtain them! They are even more special when people compliment you on them and you can say you got it at San Diego Comic Con!
3. Re-live the con through pictures! Upload all your pictures to an online album and share, share, share! Print some out and hang them on your wall or place on your desk. Make a coffee table album to show off to friends. Another one of my favorite things to come out of the con are the Entertainment Weekly portraits that are done each year. You get to see the playfulness of your favorite stars come out.

4. Watch what you didn't get to see on YouTube! Thanks to everyone in H Hall filming every second of what happened, we can all re-live the awesomeness that is SDCC, even if you were not able to be everywhere at once.
5. Keep in touch with all your new nerd friends! It is always a BLAST meeting so many new and awesome nerds at SDCC! Hopefully you took full advantage of that and now have some great memories and friends to cherish. Keep in touch throughout the year and next year you might even have a new hotel roommate! More friends means more chances to help each other out with badge and hotel room sales!
6. Find a con near you! There are SO many conventions going on throughout the world. Look for one near you. You are already a pro who conquered the biggest con of all. Go have fun and keep the SDCC spirit alive without all the traveling!

7. Marathon nerdy movie TV and movies you discovered during the con! After the Sam Witwer Star Wars vs Star Trek Psychology panel I cannot wait to start watching The Clone Wars! Get on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or over to Redbox to marathon all your new finds and decompress from the madness that was SDCC.
8. Find a nerdy race. The Wonder Woman 5K just came through Denver and it was a blast! Like a mini convention! Exercise builds endorphins and endorphins make you happy! Other fun races to try: the Hot Chocolate 5K (chocolate!!) Rock n' Roll 5K (dance party) and The Color Run!

9. Start planning for next year! Set up reminders now. Did you find a cool new hotel to try out? Restaurants you missed? Things you want to do differently next year. Get out that swag notebook and start making notes! I also would love to help so if you have any questions please comment below, on my Instagram or Twitter. I hope to begin a weekly vlog helping you plan for next year! Any questions leave them in the comments below!

See you next year!

Comment below if you have any additional questions about San Diego Comic Con. You can also check out our San Diego Comic Con Guide for more useful tips and tricks!  If this post helped you, share please share it with your friends!


Lori said...

I can hear your excitement for the fun you all. Great suggestion to attend a convention that's near you. My kids went to the one in Denver last year and had a blast.

Brandie @ Comic Con Family said...

I can't even tell you the number of times someone in our house has said "Can't we just go back to Comic-Con?????" Clicking our heels doesn't work, but these are some awesome tips. Now we begin the 2014 countdown!

Unknown said...

May I just add that this post almost brought me to tears. That picture from the Sherlock Party. Mind you, I only knew you Megan. And I had only just met Emily (who is now a good friend to me also) and I had never met your family. THIS is what Comic Con and fandoms do. They create friendships and great memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks again for such a fun con!


luis hernandez said...

omg i have been watching the nerdhq's youtube and now i need to go next year.


Thank you Lori! The Music Maven & The Gamer Geek were both at Denver CC this year and loved it! Its so great to find cons near you!


Totally agree Sarah, it's the relationships we make with other nerds that last well after the con is over!!

Unknown said...

Thanks to this year's SDCC I have begun marathonin Chuck and it has definitely filled a nerdy hole that was ledt when it ended.


Tahsin thank you so much greatly appreciated!!

Anika said...

Great tips! Totally agree, especially with photos: I've basically been reliving SDCC since we left. And oh hey there's me. :) So glad we got to meet thanks to Meli! We should get together for a geeky LA event sometime.


I would love that Anika!!! I'm alway around!

Krispy said...

Great tips. I've barely started putting the stuff I brought home away, but it'll be fun seeing what I got again. I need to remember to watch the Nerd HQ panels.

I'm excited you're going to watch The Clone Wars! It's so good, and it's kind of the way the Star Wars prequels should have been - adventurous, dark, smart, and above all, fun! Hope you like it!


Guess I'm gonna really have to start on Clone Wars, nothing peaked my interest today! xo

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