Thursday, May 30, 2019

Tokyo DisneySea

From Tokyo we were able to take a train directly to Tokyo DisneySea. Once we arrived at the park, we took a second train that took you to each of the Disney Parks and hotels. We had all our stuff from spending the night in Tokyo, so it was nice to be able to drop our stuff off in the lockers, right outside the train station. I think it was about $5 for us to use the lockers and they were pretty big!

The ticket line for DisneySea was non existent this day and we walked right up to purchase our tickets. ($75 each). First stop....Mickey Ears! I love dressing up and partaking in the Disney magic, so my mom and I both bought ears before we did anything, including taking photos! LOL
First stop was the Tower of Terror. Now it was funny because everything was in Japanese! We got the gist of the story from the photos, and it was fun to be immersed in the culture! It was just as fun as any other Tower of Terror I've been on, the line was about 70 minute wait. As was all the other rides. So for this one only we all went together, and after that we did the single rider lines.
We hit up Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, Raging Spirits and that was it! LOL We ate lunch, I had a churro (my Disney tradition) and I had to find the Green Alien Mochi which I had seen on Instagram. Overall we were in Disney Sea for about 5 hours. We had walked most of it and after walking non-stop for now three days, we were exhausted and had to travel back to my parents house which took about an hour and half by train.

SOOOOO if you are a Disney Nerd DisneySea is a must. I would suggest staying at the park and having a morning for DisneySea (about 5 hours, get there early and get Fast Passes) relaxing at the hotel and then hitting up Tokyo Disneyland in the evening. Both parks are pretty small and having a hotel room near by to relax and spend the night I think would make the experience even more enjoyable!

I'm so glad we went it was totally worth it! If you have any questions about DisneySea, leave them in the comments below. I cannot wait to share even more of our Japan adventures in blog posts to come! Stay tuned!!


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