Sunday, February 10, 2019

Running Through Winter

I am always looking for new races to keep me motivated. I love trying to improve my time, I love sharing it with you guys and I LOVE MEDALS! So when I found the Run Denver Series on Instagram I just knew it was something I had to do to keep me motivated throughout the winter months and to get me to my first half Marathon!

SOOOOOoooo now that it is all said and done, how did it all work out? Did I get a new personal record? Did I complete my very first 1/2 I ready for a full? Read on to find out!

1. Rudolph Ramble 5K. This was the first race in the Run Denver Series and it went perfectly! The day was COLD (28 degrees), but the sun was out and shining, so it didn't feel too bad! I just love the course at City Park and Run Denver Series did a great job impressing me with the first event of the series. Santa and Rudolph were there to take pictures, the medal is one of my top favorites I've received so far and the swag beanie is going to be warn alllllllll of December! How cute is that?! Once the series is finished, all the medals put together will be a Colorado mountain range! If that isn't motivation to keep going, I don't know what is!
2. Polar Bear 5K. My first race of the new year! AND I PRed!! I was trying to get a 30 minute 5K but ended up with a 31:32. WHICH was better than the Rudolph Ramble and my best time yet so I'm super happy with it. There is always the next race to improve. This was my first time racing at Washington Park and I really loved the hills. I was able to up my average mile time to 9:59! Which compared to my treadmill mile average in the 11's is so exciting! I really tried to push myself this 5K and I think I can do even better at the Super Bowl 5K! Hopefully the weather cooperates as well as it did here. What a beautiful Colorado day to go for a run outside! Two weeks to improve!!
3. Super Bowl 5K. This race was a tough one!!! From the get go, I just didn't feel great. It was a super windy day at Wash Park, I wish I had one more layer on to start with. But once I got going, I was fine...isn't that always the way? I read recently that you should be a little cold at the start line because you always warm up running. I just can't seem to get that balance. Since I PRed at the previous race, I really wanted to build on that. But it wasn't in the cards. I started off too fast, I had to slow down to take off my jacket and then I had to flat out stop to use the restroom. A race first for me! So it wasn't my best race and I got down on myself a bit...I always do, but I picked myself up and ran the following week as well!
4. Valentines 4 Mile. It was another cold one for the Denver Run Series. I think we managed some teens weather so more layers were indeed needed! And of course some Valentines Day spirit! Not only did my friend Courtney join me for this race, so did Liz! I was so happy to have them both there. I really wanted to focus on having a good race this go round. No rushing, more layers and just have fun! We had a great pace throughout. I felt good the entire time and I felt like I could have sped up a bit, but it was so nice to know that running sweet spot going into my 1/2 marathon!

Running through winter was not easy, but it was defiantly more gentle than I planned on! I'm going to share my 1/2 marathon experience in a different post since I worked so hard for it and learned so much! So stay tuned! If you are in Denver, you must keep an eye out on the next Denver Run Series. Look to sign up in November, first race in December. I LOVED this series. The races were so well organized, fun, upbeat, great medals, locations and thankfully this year the weather corporate...for the most part! LOL


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