Sunday, December 30, 2018

2018 Resolution Reply

In 2017 I wrote about my resolutions for 2018. They were....

1. Gym and healthy eating.
2. Unplugging and read more.
3. Seeing/calling friends and family more.
4. Travel.

Shall we see how I did?!
1. Gym and healthy eating. This year I've done 6 5K races, 4 more than last year! I've created an at home gym, so I don't have to pay for a membership, that I'm not going to use! LOL And I've been working really hard on eating healthy. Smoothie for breakfast, wrap for lunch and Blue Apron for dinner. I've cut down drastically on my alcohol consumption and added in the Body Boss Method three weeks ago to go along with my running. So I'd say big fat A+ for goal number one! And I am definitely going to continue this into 2019 as I train for my very first marathon!

2. Unplugging and read more. In January I finished 2 or 3 books. I think I've read one more since then, so not great on this one. I've also added back in social media accounts to my phone. I love Instagram so much and that is where I spend a majority of my time. I love finding new accounts to follow. I've found a few new nutrition accounts and runners to follow. I love reading their stories and finding inspiration. So I'm going to give myself a low C for this. I'm reading on Instagram, but I do want to read more REAL books come 2019.
3. Seeing/calling friends and family more. My best friend and I have a weekly meet up. My mom and I have a weekly phone call. And since I've moved to a job further away from home, this past month, I've been calling friends and family on the way home more. This one has been hard. Everyone's schedules are crazy and by the end of the day I'm usually wiped. I'll give my self an average C for this one and continue to do better in 2019, since Ocean Eyes and I are going to be Uncle and Aunt to his Sister and Brother in Law's TWINS!!!!!
4. Travel. A++++ for this one. Miami for my best friend's bachelorette was so fun! Paris and Italy with Ocean Eyes for her wedding was beyond fantastic. 2019 will bring, Mexico with my besties for our annual girls trip in January, San Diego for my brother's wedding in March, I want to visit Seattle to see my bestie who moved there in 2017 this summer, Santa Fe for this Christmas and.....??? I cannot wait to see where 2019 takes me!

Additions for 2019?! I think I have a lot ahead of me in 2019 and it looks amazing! BUT....

1. Continue to run races....get that half marathon checked off for sure and fingers crossed for the full marathon. I also want to bump up to the Hot Chocolate 15K for sure!

How did you guys do on your 2018 resolutions. It is always fun to look back and see how far we've come. Good or bad. It is always great to reflect and always continue to be better! Happy 2019 everyone!


McKenzie Allyshia said...

It looks like you did an amazing job on your resolutions! You may have only gotten a C on a couple of them, but it looks like you did still put effort towards the goal for the most part. Here is to making 2019 even more amazing!

Megan Elvrum said...

Thank you @McKenzie Allyshia!!! We can always do better! Thank you! and Happy New Year!! xx

tdomeika1 said...

disqus_V4JJuQpU3b I agree

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