Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Vacationing with Only a Carry On

When I went on my first LONG vacation (10 days) I knew I wanted to only bring a carry on and I knew I wanted to challenge myself to make sure everything fit with no problem. No extra clothes, no un-needed accessories, jackets or shoes. I was going to minimize and be versatile! Could I do it?.....

YES! I'm excited to say that I learned a lot from only using a carry on for my big trip to Italy and I'm excited to see if I can do it for my upcoming trips to NYC (easy) and Japan (we shall see! LOL) Here is what I've learned and what I'll work towards on future trips!
Away Luggage. I've never purchased an expensive or nice piece of luggage before. But the moment I saw Away on Instagram, their branding, the bag and its functionality, I made Ocean Eyes the guinea pig and purchased one for his birthday. Right away, the packaging and presentation had me sold. I bought mine soon after. Even their customer service is prompt and amazing! So did it actually pass the test? I drug this thing from Denver to Paris, through Italy, on subways, trains, planes and on the most uneven surfaces! It didn't hurt it at all! It came back in perfect condition expect it was a bit dirty, BUT it is easily cleaned with a Magic Eraser, so I'm glad I didn't not get white because I was scared it would get dirty. Over a year later, it has been on many trips, nothing that harsh but it has stood the test. I love it and cannot wait to support the brand in the future! LOVE IT!!! Get $20 off your purchase of Away by clicking HERE. If you have any other questions let me know!

Packing Technique. It is all about the roll! It really helps with wrinkling and I was able to get wedding attire + regular 10 day adventure attire all in my one carry on bag! Backpack held laptop and other widely needed essentials. I love that the Away case has a way to compact your clothing on the bottom and a HUGE pocket inside where I keep all my shoes, toiletries and accessories!
Studio DIY Clutches were also great for packing. One for make up, undies and bras and socks, etc I use them like packing cubes and then have a lot of different purse options on the trip!

Rent The Runway. RTR really helped me figure out what outfits I wanted to wear, style I was looking for and ease of online shopping so I didn't overspend on packing for this trip. For $159 I was able to rent 4 pieces and have something new and fresh to photograph myself in while traveling!
A jacket and one pair of shoes that go with everything! I had my Goodwill jean jacket and new white Keds that went with everything I packed. The Keds were comfy for our long walks and not white by the end of the trip but they are easy to wash! LOL The jean jacket was the perfect weight and I enjoyed dressing it up and down!

ONE travel outfit. I have one comfy pair of pants that I wear on airplane travel days to and from my destination. The Keds, jean jacket and a cozy t-shirt. I wear everything twice except the t-shirt which I bring one extra of. The first t-shirt doubles as a night shirt for the entire trip!

Those are my main tips for you guys! Knowing that I won't wear something and editing my selections was a big step in the right direction! Share your tips and questions in the comments below and lets keep this list growing! Safe travels!!


B. said...

The only time I was able to get away with it was when I took the train up to NYC. I didn't want to take a large suitcase and it was only a long weekend! Not sure I could do it for 10 days! Impressive!

Megan Elvrum said...

LOL Thanks @B. I really tired to push my limits! xx

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