Friday, July 20, 2018


6 years of The Nerdy Girlie! Can you believe it? It has been such a constant in my life, it has evolved me into the person I am today and it has brought me so many great friends and memories. Thank you nerds for sticking with me for all these years, letting me evolve and for your continued support!

Here are my top 6 favorite adventures since I began The Nerdy Girlie after San Diego Comic Con 2012.

1. Making it onto a San Diego Comic Con panel!! After writing about SDCC for only three years, I was able to be on my first panel. Probably only panel but whose counting! It was a great kick off to my new life and it made me put myself out there more than ever. Thank you to everyone who came and cheered me on. I loved to seeing your smiling faces. It took away the nerves!
2. 100 Cups of Coffee. Right before the Comic Con above, I began an Instagram project entitled 100 Cups of Coffee, based after my favorite Futurama episode. It followed me for two months, into my very first solo vacation and is still with me today. It has been an outlet for my feelings and my creativity. It is so fun to see you participate too! #100cupsofcoffee
3. Finding myself. Here we are 2018 and I would have never thought I'd be HERE. In Denver, pursuing my own joy and a career I can be proud of and always grow in. I love this Megan and I am so happy for the now and the tomorrow.
4. Finding my tribe. If it wasn't for The Nerdy Girlie, I wouldn't have the best friends I have today. Through this blog, I was able to reach people who didn't live near me, was able to meet them in person at SDCC and beyond, and was able to cultivate friendships that have grown me as a person. Thank you...I'm going to keep saying all of you for reaching back and creating an awesome community.
5. ITALY. A place I've always wanted to go, but never thought I would. Going to Italy for my best friend...who I met through this BLOG!!!...Liz's wedding was the most magical experience ever. It wasn't easy...but I was able to bond with my boyfriend, see amazing sites and watch my best friend join lives with an amazing person. This was a trip I will never forget, frequently look back on through photos and am already planning a trip back!
6. Meg Jen Photography. I've been photography people and places my entire life. After college, I was lucky enough to work for an amazing preschool with families who trusted me to capture their memories. I lived in San Diego and worked with them for 6 years. 6 is a special number! Then when I moved to Denver, two 1/2 years ago, I was lucky enough to be taken under the wing of a great photographer. I learned so much about photography and improved more than I could ever imagine. I wouldn't be the photographer I am today with his help.

Every year I grow more and more. That didn't happen in the past. I'm not even the women I was when I moved to Denver 2 1/2 years ago and I'm glad! I've grown up a lot and in so many different ways. I'm excited about my future and I cannot wait for what is to come. Life is good. And I again, thank you nerds for sticking with me. Happy Comic Con and fingers crossed, maybe I'll see you there next year!


Emma said...

Happy blogiversary! I came across your blog about 3/4 years ago,and absolutely love reading your stuff. In fact, your blog was one of the factors that brought me to starting my very own little Internet adventure, and I couldn't be more grateful! Keep doing you Megan, you're awesome!

Emma |

❤Cate❤ said...

Congratz on 6 years you've accomplished so much, I hope you achieve many more of your dreams xoxo

Megan Elvrum said...

Thank you so much @❤Cate❤! It has been a pleasure! So great to know you! xx

B. said...

I can't believe it's been 6 years. I've really enjoyed watching you and your blog grow and change over the years!

Megan Elvrum said...

Right?! It's amazing how much has happened since I started! I'm so glad to have met you! Thank you for all of your support! xx

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