Monday, June 11, 2018

What Is A Blow Out?!! My Drybar Obsession!

Get those dirty thoughts out of your head! Unless they are about your dirty hair! LOL

I first heard about Drybar, when I walked by one in Marina Del Rey, CA. After a grocery shopping trip I saw the cute little yellow roses outside on a dainty yellow table. I looked through the window and saw tons of lovely light and fancy mirrors. Women sat getting their hair done while sipping champagne.

At the time I didn’t think it was for me, so I passed on by.
Then I began to get older and taking care of myself and me time became a priority. Unwinding and unplugging is something I really love doing. I started following them on Instagram and fell in love with the brand. It is so spot on, consistent, clean and FUN! Then!!! Drybar sent me an invitation to their Park Meadows, Colorado grand opening right before Christmas 2017 I grabbed my bestie {who had never tried Drybar either!} and we went to try it out.

I walked into the exact same scene I had seen years prior. I walked out hooked. Since then I’ve been able go to back a few times: my birthday, my besties’ bachelorette party and once just because. Every time wether with a lady friend or not I’ve found it completely rejuvenating.
As soon as you walk in, you feel a sense of ease and happiness. The Drybar scent hits you and knowing you’ll walk out with that smell lingering puts you into the treat yo self mode.

Right off the bat, your stylist, today mine was the lovely and funny Aaliyah, takes a minute to talk to you about which style you’d like out of the Drybar style menu. My go to is the Mai Thai! Then you are taken back to get my favorite part, your hair washed and a head massage. For as long as I can remember, getting my hair washed during my haircuts has been my favorite thing. My love language is touch, so that can be part, plus the pampering and being able to just close your eyes and let the world slip away, had me hooked from the beginning.
The shampoo and conditioning regimen your stylist uses, is specifically designed to make your blow out last. You can purchase products on your way out to prolong your blow out and sometimes they even give out free samples! Today I picked up their travel dry shampoo for my Italy trip!
So what is a blow out??? It is getting your hair styled to last. After your hair is washed...the blow out begins. You are offered wine, champagne, coffee or water and just let it happen! Your stylist asks you if you are opposed to products or not and then lathers up your hair with those intoxicating scents.
I close my eyes sip my coffee and allow my entire body to relax. I have a strict no screen time policy at Drybar, besides getting that quick Insta ;). Blow out time is a way for me to fully relax, unplug and even connect with my stylist. Your hair is pinned up, blow dried, brushed and curled.
Each blow out last me 3 to 4 days. With a lot of dry shampoo and a half up half down top knot, I can get it to last 5 days! So for only $45 dollars, you get a relaxing experience, pampering and walk out with a hairstyle to last you all week!
Drybar even has a membership! I HOPE to sign up soon {gotta adult at the moment!}. It’s called the Barfly Membership and it is $80 a month and you get two blowouts a month {you end up saving $10!}. If you don’t use one of your monthly blowouts? It rolls over to the next month AND you get a free one on your birthday!
So what are you waiting for? Go treat yo self ladies! And not because it’s a special occasion. YOU are the special occasion. Life is a special occasion. Treat yourself right, relax and walk out feeling confident and concur the world!

Have you been to Drybar? Thinking about going?! Share with me in the comments below! What other ways do you like to treat yo self?!


B. said...

I love getting my hair washed when I get a haircut! One salon even did a little head massage and man, it was so relaxing! I'd love to try something like this but with my short hair, not sure it's worth the price! You look fantastic!

Megan Elvrum said...

It is so relaxing!!! I love a good head massage! LOL Thank you! My friend had above the shoulder short hair and went and looked good! Would love to hear what you think! xx

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