Thursday, March 15, 2018

Why Creating a Girl Squad is Beneficial to the Soul

Why Creating a Close Squad is Beneficial to the Soul
All photos by the amazing Augustine Sanchez the husband of long time lady nerd friend Melificent!

It wasn't until I hit the magical age of 30 that I realized how important female relationships are to your mind, body and soul.

And there is one women who opened my mind to this happy endeavor my bestie Liz.

She brought into my life, my other bestie Steph. And from there a bond formed and our weekly Brinner {breakfast for dinner} dates began.

Liz took us on a fabulous Cancun adventure last year, and this year it was her bachelorette party in Miami, where I met even more fabulous ladies.

We didn't agree on everything in Miami, but we did agree that having time with other women is important, being open to new ideas, listening, bonding and getting away from it all PLUS letting loose! Here are my favorite take aways from this Miami bachelorette party as to why it is beneficial to have your girl squad close in your life.
Why Creating a Close Squad is Beneficial to the Soul
1. Strength. I wasn't always the person I am today. I wasn't strong. But upon meeting Liz and spending time with her and new and different women, the strength inside myself slowly began to show itself and today I am proud to be a new women all because of other women! Happier, ambitious and full of love.

2. Empowerment. It just feels so great being around other women. That feeling goes a long way in making your daily life enjoyable. A simple text, email, Brinner or watching This Is Us together, all of it contributes to the feeling of empowerment and being apart of something bigger and something that is so important!
3. Love. There are so many types of love. But the love of your besties is special. She knows when something is wrong, she is there when you need her, she is always just a text away and you can always count on her. Not all friends are like that, and that is OK! But to have that squad that has your back no matter what, that makes all of life's challenges that much easier.

4. Acceptance. They tell it like it is, but from the heart. Sometimes it is hard to hear, but it helps you grow, think outside of your box and pushes you to do better. No matter what.
Why Creating a Close Squad is Beneficial to the Soul
5. Growth. Together you can do anything. Together we can do anything. Girl Power forever.

In that vain, I need to ask one favor of you. My bestie Liz is in the running for the Tory Burch Foundation's Fellowship. The fellowship empowers women business owners. Liz is one of THIRTY ladies up for the fellowship!

Vote HERE for an amazing women who inspires so many she comes in contact with to become a better business minded person and make the world hear women, including myself. I am so proud to have her as my best friend.

Need further convincing? Check out her Instagram Story for the next 24 hours and read THIS post. 
Why Creating a Close Squad is Beneficial to the Soul


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