Monday, June 5, 2017


WHY?! Because SDCC here I come! I just got approved for my press badge. It made me really want to go. I'm still working on saving my money, but now that I have a Southwest credit card, I figured out how to purchase a flight with my points! Total cost for #SDCC so far?! $11.40!

Ok lets talk about the clutch for a second! THIS one has been my favorite thus far and I was counting down the days until it arrived. THEN it did...I went to the door and nada! Next day...same thing! I was sooooooo upset. Mail tracking said it was delivered on Friday. Sunday I had reached out to Studio DIY and Kelly directly and just as I did, Ocean Eyes brought it in.

It was delivered to our neighbors, who are luckily super amazing! I breathed a sigh of relief and ripped open my package! I couldn't wait to take this baby to brunch! Kelly responsed with an enthusiastic reply to my clutch arriving safely! She's the best! {}
Brunch happily in my tummy....I now am making ALL of the San Diego Comic Con plans! Working on outfits, my calendar, 2017 PHOTO HUNT and HOPEFULLY our own nerd breakfast! Stay tuned!

I am so happy that I am going to be seeing you all again! I was super upset last year and when I thought of only arriving on Thursday night....I just changed my flight to Tuesday night! So I will make a quick trip to LA that Wednesday before Preview Night and then it is SDCC PARTY TIME!

So roll call...who will I see there?! I plan on attending the Game of Bloggers party, the Her Universe Fashion Show, SyFy present SDCC {ALL fingers crossed}! What are you all excited for!?


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