Friday, March 3, 2017

5 Fandom Friday: My 5 Favorite Coffee Shops {my birthday prompt}

Yesterday was my birthday and of course I celebrated by getting a birthday cup of coffee!! I've found so many special spots to visit that this list was one of the hardest to compile. But here we go!

1. Republic of Pie. North Hollywood, CA. My home away from home. With pie and coffee. My two favorite things + one of my favorite environments in the world.
2. Seasons Cafe. Salida, CO. When Ocean Eyes and I went down for our mini vaca-y at the Amigo Motor Lodge, they suggested Seasons Cafe for breakfast. They did not let us down. It was the best breakfast I have ever had! The coffee was so good, I inquired about it and they just started making it in house! Hopefully next time I can grab a bag to take home!
3. Fig Tree Cafe. San Diego, CA. The first and only restaurant in San Diego that became my go to place to take family and friends. The atmosphere and strong coffee kept me going back many, many times. PLUS it is our go to San Diego Comic Con before preview night stop!
4. Black Eye Coffee. Denver, CO. When I saw this latte pop up on my Instagram feed on Valentine's I knew I had to go! The coffee was calling! I LOVED the atmosphere of the shop and they also have a second Denver location that is also super chic and was one of the very first shops I went to when I came to Denver for the first time.
5. Anywhere with Ocean Eyes. Yah that is cheating I know! LOL But it is so fun to have a partner who loves coffee as much as I do. Every morning he brings me up a cup to wake me up. It still melts my heart after months of him doing it. {yeah he's not drinking coffee in this picture, but I love it so much, it is at the place we first met}

Since I cheated on that last are even more cafes! My favorites in LA, San Diego and Denver! Share your favorites here and lets get HUGE bucket list of coffee shops going. I know I have a few here in Denver I cannot wait to frequent!


Emma said...

Happy birthday for yesterday!! Hope you had an amazing day.

Megan Elvrum said...

Thank you so much @Emma ! It was a great day. Looking forward to the weekend! xx

❤Cate❤ said...

Happy belated birthday I hope you had an awesome day!! I really need to start blogging about all the amazing coffee shops here in Chiang Mai it really is a coffee lovers heaven here I mean they even grow coffee here xoxo

Ravanel Griffon said...

Yay! About a year ago I moved from the big city to a small town, and if there's something I do miss it's the cool coffee places. Fun to get a peek into your life this way. :)

Beth said...

Aw, yay for a love who brings coffee! And thanks for sharing those. I wasn't as picky about coffee when I lived in San Diego as I am now, so the next time I go back for a visit I'll have to check out Fig Tree. Is it downtown, or the gaslamp, or...?

Megan Elvrum said...

Fig Tree is great @Beth. It is located in Pacific Beach, the one I'm talking about, but they do have two other locations as well. Neither as cute as the first! xx

Megan Elvrum said...

Thank you @Ravanel Griffon make your house into a cute coffee shop. I like doing that too! xx

Megan Elvrum said...

Thank you @❤Cate❤ ! I had a wonderful day and continuing on into the weekend! I would love to hear about all the cool coffee shops you live near! Let me know if you post about it! xx

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