Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Nerd Crafts: Gingerbread TARDIS

@The_Gamer_Geek and I completed a Pinterest project, that I have been DYING to do since I began watching Doctor Who...gingerbread TARDIS'!

*One can of white frosting
* One can of blue frosting
*Graham crackers
*York Pieces
*One small tube black frosting
*Blue sprinkles
We used an entire container of white frosting as our glue.
One container of blue frosting for the TARDIS color.  Blue sprinkles and York Pieces for decoration.
We pipped the white frosting all over the cracks and used an empty creamer carton for stability on the inside.
I even let my OCD take a back seat and didn't clean up until we were totally finished!
I printed out the Police Box words since that would hav been a PAIN to pipe on {@The_Gamer_Geek would have had NO patience!} and it looks a bit better :)  I think I am going to try and preserve it to save it forever :)
I am so proud of my creation!

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Kay said...

This is so great! Well done!

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