Monday, December 5, 2016

100 Cups Of Coffee: #17

100 Cups Of Coffee is my journey through divorce, dating and self discovery. 

A little background reading and information for you all. My single life journey began a year ago, when I decided to leave my husband. I cannot believe that. It feels like yesterday and forever ago. It feels like I've been alone forever and that I've not had enough time alone.

Adult dating is hard. I hadn't ever done it before. Ever. By this time, months had gone by since I left my husband and so had the number of dates I'd been on. I was finally finding my footing and confidence. I was ready to chase after what I'd always wanted. I wasn't afraid anymore. And taking chances began to pay off.
17. Republic of Pie. North Hollywood, CA. Black coffee and iced coffee.

My first day of adult dating and I have two dates in a row. How did I let this happen?

Awwwww. Poor Pie Guy never stood a chance. With Tinder Travis texting me to come over directly after our Earth shaking kiss, I drove from Culver City up to North Hollywood, thinking nothing could top that. I’m not sure I wanted anyone to either. Pie Guy texted as on my way up the 101. I wished it was Tinder Travis.
Pie Guy was my second ginger of the night who unfortunately reminded me too much of Danny. Let’s face it, I was trying to find a Danny substitute in every guy I swiped right to. That and the fact that he was unknowingly unlucky enough to follow that crazy first kiss. DIRECTLY follow. I said my goodbyes to Tinder Travis and drove directly to Poor Pie Guy. I went from my first date ever to my very first second date ever with Poor Pie Guy. We met at my favorite spot in North Hollywood, Republic of Pie. The best part of the date was getting free pie and chai. Really isn’t that the best thing about dating? The free food? Please try to impress me with pie men of LA!
The drive from Culver to NoHo wasn’t too bad. Everyone talks trash about LA traffic, but if I can get somewhere in thirty minutes I am a happy Los Angelino. Republic Of Pie had become my home away from home. I should have been more wary about who I invited there. I didn’t want to get into a dating cycle of taking everyone there. And with my Tinder location set to Glendale and a fifteen mile radius, all of these guys would be in the Republic of Pie vicinity anyways. No need to point out where I always wanted to be! Hindsight is 20/20.
Poor Pie Guy met me at the front door. I always go in for the hug when I meet someone new. I can’t help it, it is in my DNA. He made that hug completely awkward. GREAT way to start out the date buddy. I quickly directed him to the pie line. It was why I was really here anyways. With our coffee and pie ordered, he paid, score, we could find a seat. The place was crowded, per usual and we found a table smack dab in the middle of everything.
He and I had great text conversations leading up to the date, where as Tinder Travis and I talked only to set up the date. I was more excited for Poor Pie Guy, but Tinder Travis made my night with his chemistry. At this point in my dating life that is what I was searching for. So I at least thought this date would be a fun way to get to know someone new. We had music in common, but that was about it. And not even the same music. I jumped up right away when I heard the barista call my name for my coffee order.
Poor Pie Guy could barely hold a conversation. I sipped my coffee wishing I was doing it alone. It might have been that he was a bit too old for me in. He was five years older. I was my bubbly and happy self, he was quiet and calm. The takeaway from this date? I need someone who can match my happiness and enthusiasm for life and conversation. Who can match my excitement, or at least meet a smidgen more than half way in the middle. No not even that! I want someone to be excited about me and being with me!
As the short date came to a close, I wanted it kept short, I was so ready to talk to Tinder Travis again, I broadcasted heavily the vibe of please “don’t kiss me, please don’t kiss me,” as he walked me past the crowded tables and towards the door. As we said our goodbyes outside, he leaned in for another awkward hug and thankfully decided NOT to walk me to my car. Instead turned and walked the complete opposite direction. I blocked and deleted him from my phone as I walked alone to my car and checked my Tinder for any new messages. There was a lot. There is always a lot.
Thank God that was that.

...Until one busy day I spotted a familiar face in the crowd during one of my days at work at Cinemark. I looked up and thought, hmmm, he looks familiar and let it go, we were so swamped. A time later, while walking down the hallway back to the office, I saw him again and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Embarrassingly enough I couldn’t even recall his name in that moment. I just kept walking down the hallway and it was then that he walked out of my life forever.

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Mariah Kaercher said...

I feel you. My personality is bubbly and positive. I couldn't be with someone who didn't share this with me.

Megan Gotch said...

Thank you Mariah! xx

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