Monday, October 17, 2016

When Things Don't Go Your Way...

...Look at the people sitting next to you. They can either make or break the situation.
Sunday night my best friend, her boyfriend, Ocean Eyes' and I, packed up a picnic and drove north for Lantern Fest Denver 2016. I had just finished making Ocean Eyes watch Tangled for the first time and I couldn't believe I was actually going to get to live out a movie I loved so much!

We arrived around 5pm, the lantern launch was scheduled for 7pm. Right away I couldn't contain my excitement, I took pictures of everything! The first thing I saw was that the mascot of the Fest was an owl! He was on our wrist bands, there was a HUGE blow up owl and he was even on our s'mores packs. YES. We got s'mores packs!
Right away we headed up to the bleachers to find a seat that would one ,be away from the crowds, two, be a perfect place to take photos and three, be above the action for the most perfect view of the magical lanterns!

We opened up our picnics, took a ton of pictures and the boys made themselves happy with adult beverages! LOL As the sun started to set, the fire pits were lit and we went down to make our s'mores and proceeded to gobble them up! I LOVE s'mores and haven't had them in forever. That was a fun way to wait for the lanterns.
Then 7pm arrived, the wind had picked up quite a bit and it was getting chilly, BUT the fire ban that was in affect had elapsed so we were ready for the lanterns! Then over the loud speaker the announcement was made that we would not be lighting the lanterns because of the wind. Lantern Fest 2016 was cancelled!
At that moment, it was a free for all to get back to the car and to get out of the parking lot before the madness. We didn't make it. The parking lot was a disaster and it was every man for themselves. But we had each other. We bitched about the traffic. We bitched at the jerks, but in the end while we were finishing up our picnic in the car, we realized that this was an double date we would never forget. We were happy with the people we were sitting next too and we were excited to plan our next crazy adventure.

Those are the friends I am so thankful to have. No matter what the situation. We come out ahead.


Jessica said...

Oh, that totally sucks. But I agree with the overall purpose of this post - the people you're with can completely make or break a situation, and even change a bad one into good, vice versa.

Kay said...

Good company makes any situation better!

Mariah Kaercher said...

That sounds really fun!

Krispy said...

It sucks that the lantern festival didn't happen, but you're right - the company you have in situations like this can make all the difference!

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