Thursday, October 6, 2016

Awesomely Autumn Pumpkin Products: Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts is expanding here in LA! When I first moved here a year ago, a Santa Monica location was just opening. NOW there is a Venice location as well! It is a lot closer to my job...which could be a bad thing!
On August 31st D&D released all of their pumpkin products and I was there! The Venice location has this adorable mural outside the shop! Upon entering I said I will take one of all your pumpkin things please and thank you! Yeah I was that girl....#sorrynotsorry
One cake {really good!} and then a puffed filled one {SUPER sweet! But amazing!}. But the pumpkin muffin was defiantly my favorite of the three.

What pumpkin items have you tried from  at Dunkin' Dounts that you love?! Tweet me your photos and share your recommendations!  #PumpkinLUV

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Erini CS said...

I love their basic pumpkin donut, it's one of my favorites -- competing with their gingerbread donut. I haven't tried the pumpkin pie donut yet, but I hear it's good.

I gave up caffeine years ago, and with it coffee. But recently I've been giving decaf coffee a try, and Dunkin has been my favorite place. Some of their syrups are over powering, though, you're right. But mostly I've had positive experience. Their new pumpkin creme brulee is pretty great!

Joie Fatale said...

I have the Keurig one, and I really like the pumpkin cake doughnut (though I prefer the BLUEBERRY good!!!)

Unknown said...

Mniami!! I realy like donuts :P My favorites are the pink frosting. :)


OOOhh nice will have to check that out! xx


I love donuts and anything pink is great! xx


Erini, thanks will have to try the creme brulee!! xx

Cherie Jamison said...

Oh man, that looks delicious. I just moved to an area with Dunkin Donuts so I'm excited to get to try all their seasonal stuff, though I haven't been able to do so yet.

Superorange; said...

That muffin does look delicious. If only we had Dunkin' in Canada! I think I would be brewing that pumpkin spice coffee hot and cold :P

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