Tuesday, September 13, 2016

5 Ways To Keep Your Squad BRIGHT!

In this past year, my squad {aka friend group} has become an integral part of my life. They are one of the most supportive, loving and constant things in my life. Without them I don't think I'd be as strong as I am, as driven as I am and most of all as happy as I am. Leaving my marriage showed me the people who cared about me most.

Since then, one of my number one goals in life is to make my ladies feel as happy, loved and thought about each day as they have made me. Here are five things we and you can do to keep your squads strong, stable and growing!
1. Brinner &/or Pie {put it in the calendar}. I've never had a standing date with anyone. But my girls and I always make time to have Brinner {breakfast for dinner} or pie or coffee almost every week. We have some usual places where we can hangout for a few hours and talk, catch up and encourage each other in the happiness or unhappiness in our lives in the moment. You can’t forget lots of hugs!
2. Girl Vaca-s {vacations}. I had my very first girls vaca for my bff Liz' 30th birthday and we are in the process of planning a second! It is always nice to get away. And is a different sort of nice to be on a beach with your girls or doing yoga on a mountain. Bonding away from the craziness of daily life is essential to growing your relationships and strengthening them. Plus think of all the great stories you will have!
3. Unconditional love. It isn't easy to find people who will love you unconditionally. A lot of the time that changes and fades throughout our lives. Sometimes people just drift apart and that is ok. But that is also why facetime is so important. Why doing new, exciting and crazy things together is important. Through those times spent together, love grows and bonds are straightened so we must to love these people as long as our lives allow.
4. Tough Truths. I've come to find it is important to have people in your life who are not afraid to ask you tough questions. To test your thoughts and actions from a place of love. When you've been through tough times, the people who have been there and have seen you through only want the best for you. Listen to them, discuss with them and then make your own decisions knowing you are supported and loved.
5. Only a text away. It is nice to know that no matter how far away any of your friends are, they are just a simple text, message or call away. Love can cross all borders. Make sure you stay in touch! If not a quick daily check in, at least weekly.

I am so lucky to have the friends that I do. Some near and some far, but all important to my growth as a person. Seek out people who will uplift you, bring joy to your life and improve it in away you never thought possible. It’s hard, but putting yourself out there is always worth it.


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