Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Killing It: The Action Girl's Guide to Saving the World (While Looking Hot)

Have you been following Super Space Chick and I's Instagram photo challenge? If not...get over there! If so, you might have seen Killing It: The Action Girl's Guide to Saving the World (While Looking Hot) by Devastator Press.

I love sharing nerdy thinks with you and this book is a fun, pretty and funny summer read!

"Killing It! is a secret weapon for the modern day action heroine. This savagely hilarious guide covers all the fashion, etiquette, and ballistics tips every woman needs, according to all the blockbuster movies written and directed by men! Joan will help you perfect the impossible balancing act of being an all-powerful badass while remaining vulnerable, sexy, and super chill about men getting all the glory." - From the back cover

The opening quote for the book that hooked me from the start?! "We can talk sexism in survival situations when I get back." Dr. Ellie Sattler, Jurassic Park. What a perfect way to introduce the premise of the book. Nerd style!

So ladies as you can tell, it is a satire book! Joan Ford, helps us not to take all of the action movie stereotypes to heart. Instead she makes us be able to laugh at them together! This book is girl power at it's finest!

My favorite part? Chapter seven! Which is all about dating as a super bad ass action spy. It walks you through dates one through six! Chapter five even goes through how to find that date! 

I find the chapters that end with a quiz are my favorites! I love quizzes, I use to take them all the time, first Mad Libs...does that count? Then Disney Adventures and Nickelodeon Magazine and followed by Teen and then Cozmo!

Heading to San Diego Comic Con? Go check out The Devastator Press booth at E-05, which is in the exhibitor table section! You can pick up Killing It: The Action Girl's Guide to Saving the World (While Looking Hot) or any other of their comedic books! Tell them I said HIIII!

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