Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Nerd Mail: 1up Subscription Box!

What is better than returning to your own bed after a vacation?! Returning to some awesome nerd mail!

Waiting on my doorstep when I got home? A 1up subscription box!

Let's open it up and see what is in store!
This month's theme was World Of Warcraft and RPGs. I have a new book mark for my many books! Currently I'm reading the newest book in The Selection series The Heir. So this will be perfect! I usually just use lil scraps of whatever is lying around!

I got an exclusive Vikings pin! That will be perfect for my ever growing collection that I love to put on my jackets and these awesome emoji Assassin's Creed stickers! I might be an emoji addict!
EVERY 1up subscription box comes with a Funko Pop! EVERY ONE! This will be a perfect addition to my small but growing collection!

ALSO in EVERY box?! A sweet new nerdy tee!

Want your own 1up Box?! Check out their website! A three month plan is only $12.42 a month, plus shipping and handling. The POP! and T-shirt alone are worth that! PLUS what is more fun than getting a awesome nerdy package in the mail each month?!

You can also share YOUR packages with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


Kyla said...

I keep seeing 1up box showing up, and I keep thinking I want to subscribe! I love boxes that come with a shirt ^^

gamerwife said...

I'd been curious about this box but haven't had a chance to try it yet. I'm rather jealous of your viking pin. What did you t-shirt look like?

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