Saturday, May 28, 2016

Figuring Out My Place In Time And Space: #Adulting & Adoring LA

This might be a long one nerds so settle in with your cup of coffee!

There is some good and bad news in this post. I'll get the bad over with first. Ugh.

I'm going to be missing my very first San Diego Comic Con in 8 years. The short answer is #adulting.

When I lived in San Diego and LA it was too easy to attend. I've been thinking about SDCC 2016 extensively since moving to Denver this past January and it really is going to be too much for me. Money wise and vacation time wise. I just started an amazing new job and I don't want to ask for too much time off. I have my brother's wedding only two weeks later and trumps SDCC.

Plus the money. Taking care of myself alone is costly. #surprisednotsurprised. The adult in me says save that money. SDCC will always be there! You nerds have always been there too and I thank you! I'm going to miss you so much this year!

BUT please still check out my SDCC Guide! It is full of so much info that I've learned over the past 7 years at San Diego Comic Con!
Now the good news!

Ocean Eyes and I's first LA vacation was a wonderful success! He fell in love with my LA, I saw him get as excited about experiences as I was and I realized he is my true Number One.

I cried before we left, when we landed and the moment I walked away from my LA Music Squad. I cried when I got my pie, and when I saw The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Let's just say it was an emotional trip. It was hard to leave again. But now that I'm settled back in my very own apartment, I feel much better. I feel happy. I know this year will finish big and I can't wait to live this amazing life!

Here's what I miss most about LA....besides the warmth!

The Friends.
I missed my friends! The moment I saw them it was like not a single day had passed. Though it has been four months! I cannot believe it! These people stayed with me through some dark and difficult times and I can't thank, love or buy them enough pie to thank them!

The Pie.

I MISS MY LA PIE!!!! Here are my top four places to get pie in LA. And no I didn't eat enough!
#4 Sunset Junction Coffee Shop in Silverlake. Favorite: Apple Pie. I adore this diner and this neighborhood. It is the perfect place to write distraction free. They have NO wifi!
#3 The Pie Hole in Pasadena. Favorite: Apple or Pumpkin Pie. Sharing the space with a beautiful flower shop and equally as yummy ice cream shop! It is located on a wonderful shopping street as well!
#2 Brite Spot in Echo Park. Favorite: Apple or Banana Cream Pie. A VERY close second to my number one pick. But my number one pick lives in top in my heart for many reasons! But seriously go to Brite Spot and get their pie! #PIEfection
#1 Republic of Pie in North Hollywood. #duh Favorite: Apple, Strawberry Rhubarb or Banana Cream. I even got a RoP MUG!!!!! And a sticker for my laptop collection!! I am a happy pie girl! #LAPieTour complete!

The Music.

In less than a week I was able to attend FOUR shows. When I knew I was headed to LA, I hit up my two best musical friends singer/songwriter/adorkable nerd Kira and The Filthy Souls. Both were able to have shows while I was in town!
Kira, who I met last summer through Geek Girl Brunch played an acoustic set at my FAVORITE place in LA, Republic of Pie. Her original songs are amazing and she even sang some beautiful covers! Listen to the one above. SWOON!
Right after Kira, The Filthy Souls were playing down the street at my favorite LA pub The Fox and Hounds. Their set was magical because my LA Music Squad + Ocean Eyes were in attendance. I was so excited to be with my girls again and with my favorite guy seeing one of my favorite bands. The Filthy Souls never disappoints me. They cannot write a bad song! I swoon or rock out over every single one of them and we even ended on a fun sing-a-long! The above song is SWOON central!

When I arrived in LA my Pisces Souls Sister sent me a link for a free show in Hollywood that Monday. Her favorite band and now Ocean Eyes' new favorite band Irontom. I've seen them plenty of times and EVERY single time these guys put on an amazing and energetic performance. They are a band you must see live. They are a blast! And the sweetest guys ever!
Last but not least was the band our LA trip surrounded, Walking On Cars. My entire LA Music Squad surrounded me that night and Ocean Eyes as well. The moment Walking On Cars stepped on stage I began to cry. The moment they sang my favorite song I couldn't help but grab my Pieces Souls Sister's hand, just like old times. It was the best night of hugs, sing-a-longs, dancing and just being in my favorite environment! It was defiantly worth the trip. #allthefeelz

Didn't Ocean Eyes do a great job filming my favorite song Catch Me If You Can?! I was too emotional to do anything but stare :)
AND we did visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios but that MUST be a post on its own! Spoiler was amazing! You can see a preview of our fun over on Instagram!

Ocean Eyes and made it through our very first vacation together. Almost an entire week together 24/7. And guess what I still want more. I loved "living" with him for the week, taking him to all of my favorite places and having him meet some very important people in my life and of course eating all the pie and hearing all the music. One of my favorite things was us learning that we both super adore Blink 182! We listened, sang and rocked out with the windows down the entire trip!
I love learning new things about him. About us.

In less than two weeks we will have been seeing each other for six months. It has been the most crazy six months of my life. The best six months of my life. I've found my lobster.

{I am forever Figuring Out My Place In Time And Space. Learn and grow with me by reading my other heart felt and often over sharing articles!}


Aloki said...

I've started a Nerdy Girlie play list with your music recs. Thank you!!

brookenado . said...

Really wonderful post (and amazing pics, per usual!). :) Such a bummer about SDCC but I know you're making the right choice for your time and place in space right now. And I'm so glad your LA trip went so well!

gamerwife said...

Too bad about SDCC. I had to miss PAX East this year for the first time in 5 years due to adulting. Oh well, there will always be more cons to attend. ;)

Megan Gotch said...

Thanks M you are so right! xx

Megan Gotch said...

Thanks babe! Missed you! Hope to see you asap via G+! xx

Megan Gotch said...

AWWW I LOVE IT! Thank you! Send me the link! xx

Desiree said...

Aw this is so sweet. So happy for you to have found your lobster <3 Sorry you'll be missing SDCC, but I'm sure you'll be back soon. Sometimes adulting sucks.

B. said...

Skipping SDCC is always a hard choice but we have to do what we have to do! Coming from the east coast, it takes SO much time and money. Sometimes I want to spend those things on other trips and experiences! Good for you on making the tough choice!

Krispy said...

Loved this post! Sad I won't be seeing you at SDCC after all, especially since I missed you while you were here!! But totally get that adulting means these types of sacrifices sometimes, and like you said SDCC isn't going anywhere. :) so glad your LA trip went so well!! What a magical sounding experience.

Aloki said...

Lol. I'm so old school I don't have an online list. Happy to say I purchased the music and hopefully supported the artists in the process! How I lived my days without knowing about Walking on Cars I have no idea!

Kay said...

Glad your vacation was such a success. I so want some apple pie now. :D

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