Monday, April 4, 2016

The Nerdy Girlie's Music Monday #21: Wild Wild Horses

SOOOOOO I got the best birthday present a mix tape! There are SO many good songs on it, I just had to share them with you! Here is my number one favorite from even before I received the mixed tape from my Pisces Soul Sister!
I have the best friends with the best taste in music. The moment my Pisces Soul Sister told me about the Wild Wild Horses show she had attended back in LA I looked them up right away. Had the video queued up for when we hung up the phone and fell in love upon first lesson!
They have an entire series for these videos that are all directed {nerdy link!} Jennifer Morris of Once Upon A Time!

They are beautiful and so is the song! I cannot get enough of it! #ONREPEAT
Follow them on Twitter @wwHorses.
Share your new favorite music obsessions with me in the comments below! I need new stuff to listen to on repeat!


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