Monday, February 22, 2016

The Nerdy Girlie's Music Monday #20: 12 Albums That Have Stayed With Me

When one of my best friends Lindsay asked me on Facebook to share the twelve albums that have stuck with me, I had to stop a minute and think! Only twelve...since forever?! That was a difficult task. I also couldn't just list off twelve albums without explaining myself either!

So here I go...
1. Beastie Boys - License To Ill. I remember hearing this album for the first time with two of my best high school friends. We listened to it non stop my tenth grade year. Since then it has come and gone, but never forgotten. It is one of the only physical CDs I actually own and it is scratched to ALL hell. But still plays. And I still rock out! I actually JUST Snap Chatted me "rapping" my favorite tune Paul Revere!

FACT: The best date I've ever had, this song was played! He and I rapped the entire thing back and forth and it made my night. That was one of the reasons I was hooked on him for so long. I've always wanted someone to love the albums that are important to me. He's gone. But I've found someone better. And we defiantly do NOT have the same taste in music....besides the Beastie Boys.

2. Spice Girls - Spice. I remember when I heard Wannabe for the very first time. I was in the car, my Nana was driving and I we were in Phoenix. The DJ did not say who the band was, or what the name of the song was. I just remember that being the first song I can remember falling in love with upon first listen. We went straight away to the record store and I tired to explain the song to the cashier, unsuccessfully.

3. Backstreet Boys - Millennium. The same time I discovered the Spice Girls, I was already on Team BSB. I remember listening to their first CD on that very same trip to Nana's! By the time I Want It That Way arrived on the air waves, I was hooked. It is THE BEST boy band song of all time. #MyOpinion :) I did learn to LOVE Nsync too. But BSB & Nick Carter will always be #1.

FACT: I've never seen them in concert! :(

4. Nsync - No Strings Attached. Then came Nsync. My best friend at the time ended up converting me to Team Nsync for a while. When we met, my entire room was covered in BSB posters. When we became friends, we re-decorated and I taught my little brothers all the guys names. #TeamLance. It was the height of TRL and the Making The Video for Bye Bye Bye was the best thing I had ever seen! Bye Bye Bye is the SECOND best boy band song of all time. A VERY close second! 

FACT: I saw them in concert in DENVER back in 2000!

AND.....I just got sucked into watching that Making The Video I'm done stalling...for now :) Ok and POP! too. Damn good!

5. New Found Glory - Sticks And Stones. And now I turn my musical corner. Still boy bands. But now I'm living the punk lyfe! My BFF Tommy introduced me to NFG back in 2001 and my musical heart evolved. I remember going to Best Buy the day Sticks And Stones came out and buying it! NFG ended up leading me to....
6. The Starting Line - Say It Like You Mean It. I consider TSL to be the first band that I discovered on my own. They will always hold a special place in my heart. I even mentioned them in my 5 Fandom article about the 5 songs that changed my life!

FACT: I've seen them more times than I can count. They also made me fall in love with concert photography!
7. Dashboard Confessional - MTV Unplugged. Out of all the old records I listen too, this one gets the most spins. TOMMY gave it to me too! I've always been so inspired by his lyrics and his passion. He is the original FEELZ master!
It was two years ago when I finally was able to meet him. I was queuing up to see his new band Twin Forks and Chris was just sitting out in the line talking to the first two people there. I was 3rd. I walked up....TRYING to be all cool, but freaking out on the inside. He said "Hi I'm Chris, I like your TOMS." We were both wearing them! He hung out and chatted for a bit and then went back inside. I died. To meet someone you've loved and connected with for so long and to have them be so amazing is a dream come true. He even signed my old album. I wanted to cry.

FACT: Dashboard made me want to learn how to play the guitar ten years ago and now I am!

8. Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree. Though NFG and TSL were first. FOB has the albums I listen to still today.

FACT: My Pisces Soul Sister and I were at the SAME Warp Tour in Pennsylvania TEN years before we met! #MeantToBe
9. Gavin DeGraw - Chariot. Gavin was the first "indie" musician I found. Again my music tastes changed and I was so happy listening to this album over and over again. And every album since! I just saw him in concert for the first time a few years ago and it was one of the best I've ever been to.
FACT: I was in Gavin's Fire video! {Behind and to the right of the lady in the red top!}
10. A Silent Film - Sand And Snow. A band that changed my life. Upon hearing them for the first time, I fell in love. When I saw them live for the first time I was hooked. Since then, you all know that I am a Lamplighter for life. We talk about them constantly here on the blog, I've traveled to many different cities to see them and have made some of my best friends because of them. Amazing music, people and fans. They will always be apart of my musical soul.

FACT: I even visited their home town of Oxford, England!
11. Catfish And The Bottleman - Balcony. This was my album of 2015. I was introduced to Catfish one year ago, in DENVER. Damn Denver you got me on lock. After I saw them live for the first time I had their album on repeat for months. It got my through my break up, my rebound and it still has all the feelz to this day. By the time I saw them for the second time this past October, I was that fangirl. I screamed, jumped and sang my heart out...from the Balcony!
12. Hozier - Hozier. I've heard of Hozier for a long time. But I never really liked Take Me To Church. But I also never really listened to it. I didn't want to like it because everyone liked him. Then I came to Denver this past December and my BFF Liz played him for me. I fell hard. Someone New was my jam for the month. Then Work Song became my swoon song of 2015. I want to live inside that video. I would love to dance my soul out like the dancers in that video. I cannot help but ballet around the room or car whenever that song comes on.

FACT: Work Song just so happened to be the first song to play the moment I saw Denver for the first time after my road trip!

Now it is YOUR turn. In the comments below list the twelve albums that have stuck with you OR a link to a blog post where you go into more depth like me. OR just mention one! I cannot wait to hear what you all mention!


Hannah said...

Ohmygawd there's so much nostalgia here! I love[ed] pretty much all these bands/songs. I'm pretty sure Nsync was my first CD... The good ol' days lol.

Megan Gotch said...

YAS Hannah!!! So glad to keep the oldies rockin'! xx

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