Thursday, February 11, 2016

5 Fandom Friday: Real Life Womances

Are you NEW to 5 Fandom Friday? Welcome and come join along! 5 Fandom Friday was created by myself and Super Space Chick in October of 2014, as a way to get all of our blogger friends keeping on task each week, building a community with our fellow bloggers and connecting with new and old friends once a week! We choose the topics, you do the writing! Let's get inspired together!
The from the day I decided to make the biggest decision of my life, divorce, I've had strong, caring and talented women surrounding me. They were there to lift me up, hold my hand and push me to do what I couldn't see in myself...yet.

This Valentine's Day is dedicated to the women in my life who are always there. Who inspire me. Who love me unconditionally. I love you ladies.
1. My Denver Squad. The moment my BFF Liz {the middle & our Godfather} picked me up at the Denver airport the beginning of December last year, I felt home. Then she inducted me into her squad and I knew I was home. These six women are each amazing in their own way. I've got to spend separate time with almost all them as well and I love the easy bonds we have all made.
2. Lamplighters Squad. If it wasn't for my favorite band A Silent Film I wouldn't have some of my best friends ever. Lindsay is the editor of my book: 100 Cups Of Coffee because we connected via the band. We've talked everyday for almost two years and have only met in person three times. She and all my other Lamplighters have been the reason I go to these shows. It is like a big family reunion every time.
3. LA Music Squad. From the moment I stepped foot on LA soil, the High Voltage Magazine ladies grabbed my hand and drug me out of my boring apartment cocoon and into the amazing night life that is the LA music scene. Late nights, loud music and all the feelz that being in a place of live music creates. These ladies understand the need that has to be fulfilled by our love of music. MORE amazing friendships created by music.
4. The Nerdy Girlie Squad {including The Gamer Geek}. These people ARE family. And family is always there. Always on your side. Through it all.
5. Con Squad. Calls. Texts. Hangouts and blog comments, these ladies have been encouraging in so many ways. When someone tells me I'm brave...that is huge to me. I never thought I was before, but these ladies have said it so many times, that it is starting to sink in. Listening to their stories, seeing their accomplishments and the ways they push themselves is so inspiring. I'm so happy that this blog and Twitter connected us!

Who's ready for Galentine's Day?! I'm so excited to spend it with my CO Squad and to send love to all the ladies I love! If you are reading this I love you! Thank you for taking the time to be apart of my journey! I love you nerds!

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Krispy said...

Girl, I HEART you and am so glad you have found a great group in CO as well. You inspire me constantly. Can't wait to see you again when you're next in CA. xo

Megan Gotch said...

Aw Love you babe you are amazing!! thank you for being a great friend! xx

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