Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Very Girlie Christmas!

Merry Christmas, you're single! This Christmas season hasn't felt much like Christmas. I've had the best time bonding with my best friend Liz the past three weeks here in Denver. We've done a ton of Christmas-y things: set up her tree, went and saw Christmas lights, listened to Christmas music while baking her grandma's famous cookies. But still we don't feel like it's quite Christmas!
I'm sure it is because we are both going through the season single for the first time. The best part has been that we have each other to lean on and navigate the emotion season together.

SO that in mind...grab your bestie and make it a girls night in!
1. Liz has the most comfortable bed! So we have tons of cozy covers to keep us warm while we watch the snow fall. I am kinda loving it {says the LA girl!}. Check out Casper, the sleep experts, for comfortable mattresses.

2. Liz has THE best collection of pillows. All unique, all adorable and all super cozy!

3. We have been to Target so many times since I've been here and every time I leave with something I don't need. BUT you always need cozy PJs and the ones I found are sparkly and have my favorite thing pockets!
4. My new favorite place here in Denver is Sugar Bake Shop. Went there two days in a row their sweets are SO good & they have a typewriter in the shop! I died. The cookies we purchased might not have made them home...LOL
5. SOOOOO I just had to make my specialty: apple pie! Always pie....
6. Our movie of choice. Love Actually. I love love. We are both Anglophiles. I think that even though it has some depressing parts, the movie can give us hope that next Christmas might not be so lonely. And if it is, we will always have each other!

Enjoy these moments. Make memories and love the people in your life this holiday season!

What movie will you be watching?!


B. said...

The weather here has been making it not feel like Christmas at all. Normally we're way into Winter by now with 30's, but it's supposed to be 60 on Christmas!!!

Michelle | Pop Culture Cottage said...

LOVE Love Actually - We watch it every year. But, my favorite is Muppet Christmas Carol.

Awesome website!

melificent said...

Happiest of holidays to both of you!!!
I adore Love Actually & it's my go-to xmas movie always!!!

Megan Gotch said...

Thank you babe! Hope you have a lovely first mommy Christmas!! xx

Megan Gotch said...

Thank you so much Michelle! LOVE that one too! OR A Muppet Family Christmas...which is OLD and so lovely! xx

Megan Gotch said...

WOW B that is CRAZY!!! Gonna be cold here in Colorado...snowed a bit last night!! xx

Mariko said...

A very merry Christmas to you both! We'll be celebrating Christmas in Vancouver this year so our Christmas movie watching will like be on the plane.

Joie_Fatale said...

Love Actually with your homegirls, is what Christmas is all about!
Hope Christmas was swell!!! <3

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