Sunday, August 2, 2015

Geek Girls Gab with Anomaly Podcast

We’re Angela and Jen, the founding co-hosts of a geek culture podcast and blog called “Anomaly”. We’re best friends, co-workers and moms. We’re into cosplay, theatre, video games and everything sci-fi /fantasy (just to name a few interests).
The term “Anomaly”, as it’s applied in our show and on our blog, is used to set ourselves apart from the conventional image of geeks. We refuse to be pigeonholed by stereotypes. At first glance you could say that Anomalies are just girls who like geek stuff, which has been, until recently, deemed: "dude" stuff. This is true, but there is more to it than that. An Anomaly is just as comfortable at a dance club as they are wielding lightsabers.

The Nerdy Girlie: What is your first nerd memory?

Jen: Receiving a treasure trove of Star Wars toys for Christmas in 1983. Santa brought me the Ewok Village play set, an X-Wing Fighter, Jabba's Palace play set and a plethora of figures, including Princess Leia and a 3P0 and Darth Vader case to carry them in. I was in Heaven... and all the boys wanted to play at my house.
Angela: I remember going to see Star Trek: Wrath of Khan in the theater, when I was 7 years old. And I have been a SciFi Fan ever since. (What were my parents thinking?)

The Nerdy Girlie: How and why did you start blogging?

Jen and Angela: We began as podcasters back in 2007, when we kicked off our show "Anomaly", and haven't looked back. We created our blog, "Anomalous Musings", a couple of years later because we wanted another medium in which to communicate our ideas to our audience. We started by posting little asides to our episodes then invited awesome writers, like Kasey and Sue, who also host our support show: "Anomaly Supplemental". They have completely different voices, interests and viewpoints and we think they add dimension to what we do at Our blog staff also includes: Lynn, Sarah, Anne and Michele. And we recently added our good friend Noah to the blog. He's obviously not a geek-type lady, but he is a friend to us all. We thought it was important to add his unique perspective to our Anomalous voices…but because only women can be "Anomalies", have dubbed him a "Singularity"—which he has completely embraced. 
The Nerdy Girlie: What is YOUR favorite blog?

Jen: I frequent a bunch of great blogs, including The Nerdy Girlie :) But I think I land on The Mary Sue and io9 most often, simply because our Facebook Group is always posting their articles. They often generate a lot of discussion and sometimes debates, which we think is awesome.

Angela: I really enjoy all of the “Cracked” columnists’ blogs. 

The Nerdy Girlie: What is your favorite thing/things to nerd out about?
Jen: Costumes and cosplay. I enjoy talking to my friends about my big plans. I also escape into Pinterst, pining ideas for costumes onto the boards we share.
Angela: Love to nerd out about the finer points of my favorite series/movies. Like “Did Han shoot first?” And I like to know EVERYTHING about the history of Middle Earth. These conversations have been even more fun recently as my son has gotten old enough to have opinions.

The Nerdy Girlie: Here at The Nerdy Girlie we live for cons! Do you have any tips for attending conventions?

Jen: Wear comfortable shoes. You really don't want to have blisters thirty minutes into the event. OUCH! Study the area around the convention to find out where the best (and closest) restaurants or bars are, so you can go hang out with your friends afterwards.

Angela: Make a schedule so you don't miss anything you want to see (especially if it is something you paid for). Also if you cosplay try to work pockets/pouches/backpacks into your costume so you have a place for your stuff, and you don't ruin your cosplay with a muggle purse.

The Nerdy Girlie: Now lets get girlie! Share with us some girlie things you love?

Jen: Gardening, interior design, shopping for clothes Audrey Hepburn films and Romantic Comedies. "The Quiet Man," "When Harry Met Sally," "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and "You've Got Mail" are few of my absolute favorites.

Angela: I take care of my nails and my hair with the same intensity that I apply to video games. I love to dance. And I am a theatre nerd who loves musicals!

Thank you ladies for your amazing answers! I LOVE learning about fellow geek girls! You can find these lovely ladies on their site Anomaly Podcast, Facebook and Twitter! And keep a look out for MY interview with the ladies...COMING SOON to their site!!


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