Friday, August 7, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Wattpad Fan Fictions

I've JUST joined Wattpad and I MIGHT be a bit obsessed nerds! Here are the five fan fictions that I have caught my eye!

1. After. I've just bought myself the actual book because One Direction fan fic! YES PLEASE. I am devouring it! Plus it's an entire four part series as well. What an amazing journey for author Anna Todd to be on.

2. Royal Pain in the Ass. An American girl who discovers she has a British father?! I'm still waiting for my parents to tell me that I am 1/2 British myself! LOL I cannot wait to dive into this story.

3. Harry Potter's Twin Sister. A separated at birth story about Annabelle Dumbledore-Potter. Once a student at Durmstrang is now being transferred to Hogwarts and finding out she is the twin sister to the most notorious wizard alive!

4. Consulting Daughter. After her mother's death, Kyna is forced to locate her absent father. Enter Sherlock Holmes. Can you imagine him as a father?! I cannot wait to read how he manages and a daughter at that!

5. Musical Awakening. BY ME! I am in full edit mode with my good friend on my novel. The premise is basically a fan fiction of my life! LOL I am so close to posting the first chapter and I cannot wait for you all to read it! Stay tuned!

I can't believe it took me THIS long to discover fan fic! How long have you nerds been reading it? Are you as obsessed as I am?! How am I ever going to get any work done now?! LOL Share your links in the comments below and tag me on Twitter for a RT!


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ALifeMoreKawaii said...

Yours is SO innocent compared to my complete smut! I'm also writing - and shared - my own! Only the first chapter is up on - I've never really gotten into Wattpad! I've been reading fanfics for about 12 years now. Love 'em! ♥

goldgraeberin said...

cool list! Never thought about reading fan fiction. Hm...Maybe I'll try some books of this genre - thanks for the inspiration!

melificent said...

I didn't know about this site, but I just joined and added you :) Fan fic adventures!

Megan Gotch said...

Thanks Babe! xx

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