Monday, July 13, 2015

San Diego Comic Con 2015 - Day Three

SherlockeDCC was a HUGE SUCCESS with a couple special guests….more to come soon! Let’s talk SDCC day three! All the stresses were over and now was time to get down to some Comic Con business!
The Trolley was UBER busy on Saturday making us wait for TWO trains and then pack it in with other attendees…but all I cared about was getting to the CON! I hadn’t seen hardly anything and I was dying to get my con on! First stop?! Lego Marty McFly in the Hard Rock Hotel! I had seen someone Insta the sculpture and I JUST HAD to get a selfie with it!
2nd stop?! The other thing I was DYING to see…Raptor Squad at Petco Park! You were not a cool SDCC-er if you didn’t do this pose with the dinos! BOUNS I ran into The Mighty Jerd while waiting in line to enter the park and we got a Raptor bombed selfie together!

Petco Park this year was taken over by The Nerdist, Geek and Sundry and Amy Poeler’s Smart Girls. There was so much awesome happening here. The first thing I saw was that Daniel Radcliffe was going to have a panel at 3:15pm that day! I HAD to come back and see him, so we rushed out of there to get some more stuff seen before heading back.
Next stop?! Breakfast at noon with the Hello Kitty food truck! Donuts and lemonade is the breakfast of SDCC champions!
After fueling up, the team and I crossed over the SDCC foot bridge to the FX complex in front of the Hilton Bayfront Hotel. FX had a TON of awesome stuff to see and do. The one thing I NEEDED to do was the BIG Fargo snow globe photo op! I LOVE that show and cannot wait for season two!

I had no idea how early I had to arrive back at The Nerdist compound for Daniel Radcliffe, so after my Fargo photo, I left the team and arrived at Petco to a FRONT ROW spot! I pulled out my laptop and was able to write up a couple posts while waiting for Harry Potter! I half paid attention to Rooster Teeth, Tom Delonge and Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. It was nice to see my very first member of Blink 182, it brang back some good memories. Plus Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll looks right up my alley!
Being Geek Chic ran all the way from a Nerd HQ panel ending at 3pm to JUST make it in time to see Daniel Radcliffe with me! It was so great to nerd out over one of our favorite actors TOGETHER!!
By that time I was SOOOOO ready for a con coma! We all headed back to the hotel for one of the BEST naps of my life before Nerd HQ’s last dance party.
I was so happy to finally see Zachary Levi for the first time that con! It’s not SDCC without our King of the Nerds!
I even had a dream come true that night! I was able to dance with the Raptor squad! They didn’t even eat me :)
This entire con I was struggling with so many different emotions flowing nonstop. That night on the way down in the Trolley, I almost got off and turned right back around to the hotel. I got to the party and really wasn’t feeling it. But as soon as we walked in I saw Crazy 4 Comic Con and Nerd on the Run and everything was right in my nerdy world. I remembered WHY I go to SDCC and it’s to SEE and HANGOUT with all my very best nerd friends. Nerd on the Run dragged me to the dance floor and even though I wasn’t feeling the music, I closed my eyes and danced the night away. I FELT SOOOOO much better! Music and friends really do heal ALL!

Day 4 coming at you soon nerds stay tuned! xx

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Whitney H said...

AHHHHH YOU WERE SO CLOSE TO DANRAD!!!! I am so jealous! I love his beard.

Desiree said...

Potter!!! I'm glad things turned around for you and you enjoyed your night.

Megan Gotch said...

Thank you Desiree :) It was great! xx

Katya Owu said...

Ahhh that Daniel Radcliffe photo is amazing! I think I'd actually cry getting that close :'D I love your leggings in that last photo too!

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