Friday, July 17, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Five Favorite Swags of SDCC 2015

WE made it nerds to the Friday after SDCC! Everyone recovered?! Luckily I had Monday to recover and have been working all! LOL This post was originally 5 favorite con purchases...but I'm trying to save a bit and I got so much awesome swag that I just had to share with you my favorites!! It was HARD to narrow it down to five, so I threw in a bonus! 
1. Farewell to Phineas and Ferb Poster. The one and only panel I attended at SDCC 2015 was the farewell to Phineas and Ferb. I started watching the show when I began work at a pre-school in 2009. The  four kids who introduced the show to me back then are like my children and it was nice to be able to bring this poster to them after the con ended! BONUS points about why these kids are knew what my tattoo was and what it meant! My nerdy-ness rubbed off!
2. SDCC Programs Guide. I was so busy this con that I forgot to even LOOK at the programs guide until I left the con. I ALMOST gave this one away! It was super surreal to see my name in a book that I've read every year for seven years and the REASON I started this blog! WOWAZA!
3. The Walking Dead bag. I LOVE me a good old fashion swag bag and add on one of my FAVE shows and you gotta a winner. I was lucky enough to walk by the booth who were handing these out and easily snatched up two...and then came back again on Sunday and got a 3rd! I love taking these grocery shopping with me, they always start the best CON-versations!
4. Photo booth photos. I had a LOT of different FEELS at this con. It was very different. BUT looking back on these photos make me feel soooooooooo LOVED and happy. I cannot wait to get these up on my wall to remind me everyday, why I LIVE, LOVE and BLOG!
5. SherlockeDCC tea. I hate to toot my own horn, but our SherlockeDCC party swag is pretty amazeballs! LOOK at that awesome tin full of CUSTOM tea from Adagio!

There was tooooooo much awesome at SDCC this year. SO JUST ONE MORE!
6. Nerdy Cards Against Humanity from Wattpad. I've NEVER played CAH but have been dying too and NOW I have some awesome nerdy cards to LOL over the entire time! Thanks Wattpad for providing them for our Geeks Go Glam party guests!

Should I say it again...this was one of my FAVE 5 Fandom Friday posts ever! It was so joyful to reminisce about an amazing con! I cannot wait to see your posts, so make sure you tag me on Twitter for a RT! Share your favorites in the comments below too!


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B. said...

I think this has been one of my favorite weeks as well for 5 Fandom Friday! it's great seeing all the cool stuff people find at conventions.

Crissy said...

Wow I didn't know there was a Nerdy Cards Against Humanity. That's so awesome!

Kendall Ashley said...

This is such a great list! And you posted your Weeping Angel pic! Yesss!

Usagi said...

Love the twist on your 5 fandom Friday and I am so mad I missed out on the BBC photo booth! Also photo booths are amazing!

Nina said...

I wrote about my favorite freebies too, and also included the photo booth pics. Good times, Megan! GOOD. TIMES. (#superfunfetti #demcakes #neverforget) :D Also congrats on being part of panel and having your name printed in the program!!! I wish I could've gone to see you, but I didn't have a badge for Thursday. I'm sure you were fantastic!

Krispy said...

I always love the photobooth pics. I actually just found some from last year, and they made me laugh so much. Such wonderful mementos from SDCC! Also agree with you that the Wattpad CaH cards are freaking amazeballs. Your events are always all-out wonderful. Thank you!

Mallory @ bad.wolf.brunch said...

Cute!! Love the Cards Against Humanity

Travis The Grimm said...

Looooveee the photobooth photos! ;)

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