Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Geek Fuel A Subscription Box For....GEEKS! June Edition

It's the last day of June and I finally received my Geek Fuel subscription box! I blame myself for the tardiness as I forgot to change my address with them. BUT it made it and I had a very happy thing to wake up to this morning on my day off!

I tore open the box and found the first few lil surprises. This box was about all things 90s! I super <3 the 90s, it's probably my favorite decade after the 80s {child of the 80s}. A lot things I love came out of the 90s one of them being The Gamer Geek :)

BUT enough sappiness! LOL Back to the surprises! The Power Ranger magnet promptly went on the fridge. I remember LOVING the 1st movie when it came out. Myself and my brothers would watch it all the time. One of them actually WON it in a contest where you had to mail in a postcard. POSTCARD! MAIL! HE was two years old. I always love a good bookmark and have actually been needed one, my poor book pages have been folded lately {GASP!} Rounding out the first layer of the box was a downloadable game code for Super Win The Game with a cute lil key...keychain!
THEN....THEN...something magical happened! I've been dyyyyyyyying to read Jurassic Park for ten years. The original movie is one of my top ten...maybe top five favorite movies of all time. I alllllmost bought the book the other day when visiting a cute lil LA bookshop and was actually JUST telling someone that same day how much I wanted to read them...then lo and behold there they BOTH are in my Geek Fuel box! I squeeeeeed with joy! So you can guess what my day off is going to look like!
Then came their awesome tee! Every Geek Fuel box comes with a nerdy tee and this one did not disappoint! You might have read this past week's 5 Fandom Friday...my nerdy guilty pleasures...on that list...Aliens! So could this shirt be anymore perfect or timelier?! This coming week's 5 Fandom Friday prompt my 5 favorite aliens!
Geek Fuel also has the best lil magazine included in every box. I love it, it is really great nerds! Great articles. Great con coverage and they even featured my photo! Thanks guys that was the cherry on top of a stupendous box!

Now to go read JP and play with my 90s Mutant Hero Ooze :)

Seriously nerds if you do not subscribe to Geek Fuel, you are missing out! Every month gets better and better! Check out their site, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


❤Cate❤ said...

Everything about this box is perfect, I really need to get on this subscription box thing especially as the birthday is coming up in August it would be nice to receive some awesomeness in the mail xoxo


Nina said...

That Mortal Kombat bookmark slays me! :D

Angeli Kristine said...

For some reason, to me, Geek Fuel always sounds like it's going to be a sub box full of nerd-themed food! I'm always hungry I guess.

Angeli | eightbitbracelet.blogspot.com

Megan Gotch said...

RIGHT Nina too funny! LOL I need that kind of motivation sometimes! xx

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