Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Geek Girls Gab: How To Fangirl Blog

The How To Fangirl Blog reached out to me and I am so glad they did! I am always looking for awesomely nerdy girlies to share with you here on the blog! Learn more about Caitlin and Leah and of course check out their awesome blog How To Fangirl!

The Nerdy Girlie: What is your first nerd memory? 
Caitlin: My parents are huge Disney freaks so I would have to say people coming to our house for the first time and ALWAYS commenting about the insane amount of Mickey Mouse decor and the Disney villain stuff everywhere. I love it though and I'm totally a huge Disney lover because of it. My BIGGEST nerd moment was totally walking into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the first time and crying because it was so awesome and again once I was able to return for Diagon Alley.
Leah: My first nerd memory would have to be the countless number of times my dad would make me watch Star Trek with him, so much, in fact, that I named my first cat Spock. (Pretty fitting name for a cat, if you ask me) Then there are all the times I would pretend to be She-Ra (I even had the sword) or Cheetara. The only “regular” human I would pretend to be was Penny from Inspector Gadget. 

The Nerdy Girlie: How and when did you begin blogging?  

Caitlin: I started a blog about a year ago when I bought my 1969 Shasta Starflyte trailer to document the renovations. That's been slow so that blog is pretty much dead but it sparked the bug. Leah and I met over some old paranormal obsessions about 4 years ago. We reconnected through fangirling and decided to start How to Fangirl in March of this year. It has been an amazing trip so far and we can't wait to see where it takes us! We love being able to fangirl/geek out as much as we want... And some people actually read it! It's amazing.
Leah: I have never blogged before. I have always loved and appreciated fandoms, but, I didn’t know what anyone would want to read about. This past February, during a Supernatural binge, Caitlin and I decided the world needed to know our love of all things nerdy. We decided to start our own blog to talk about the fandoms we are interested in. In March we launched How to Fangirl.

The Nerdy Girlie: What have you learned about yourself through blogging?  

Caitlin: I've learned that even if my friends and family think I'm a total nutcase for being obsessed with so many fictional things, other people don't! I love being able to meet other women who adore the same things we do!

Leah: I learned that I watch way too much television, for one. Also, I learned that I am drawn to strong characters. I am not as interested in whether the character is good or bad, I just want them to have depth. I learned we are all comprised of good and bad and these stories are important. I also learned to be who I am; I love nerdy things. That’s ok. I’m interesting. 

The Nerdy Girlie: What are some of your favorite blogs to read?   

The Mary Jane, The Discriminating Fangirl, Fangirl Magazine, The Nerdy Girlie, Okie al la Mode, Belle of the Library, Our Nerd Home, Geeking Out About It, and Nerds of Color are just a few that we love.

The Nerdy Girlie: What do you nerd out about? 
Caitlin: Harry Potter will always be my first love. Supernatural is my great love. I also enjoy Sherlock, The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games, and music. Recently I began watching Buffy and Marvel (Daredevil in particular)! I love reading.
Leah: Buffy and all things Buffyverse, Outlander –books and show, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Series, Daredevil (Netflix), Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Sherlock (BBC), The Millennium Series by Steig Larsson, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead and Zombies, X-Men, MUSIC! the 1920’s, Ernest Hemingway, England, and ALL THE BOOKS!

The Nerdy Girlie: Share some girlie things you love!  

Caitlin: T-shirts are my thing. I love wearing fangirl t-shirts and dressing them up for work or going out. I own more fandom t-shirts than I would care to admit. I also dig fandom jewelry. My mom also paints some really killer shoes that I love. I'm also super into vintage pin ups and anything retro.

Leah: I love makeup and am pretty good at applying it. I love to garden (not exactly girlie, but I love flowers), I love perfume and all smell-good products. Reading stories about girls and women who overcome. I also love feminism and more feminist points of view. Equality!

Thank you Caitlin and Leah for answering my questions! Make sure you go give them a follow over on Twitter @HTFGtweets and LIKE them on Facebook.


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