Friday, April 3, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Five Times I Totally Fangirled

WOW this is definitely the hardest 5 Fandom to date! WHEN DON'T I fangirl?! I feel like my entire life is fangirling. I would definitely say I am a professional fangirl. I love screaming and sharing everything that I love!
1.  Sam Witwer at Phoenix Comic Con 2013. Phoenix Comic Con that year was pretty spur of the moment. The timing was right to drive out and stay for a day, spending the night before in a hotel before the day of the con. Upon waking up and checking out of the hotel, who should be standing in MY lobby?! SAM WITWER, my number ONE man crush. #dead I already had a photo op planned for later in the day, but couldn't help but bother him for an early morning photo as well! MADE my entire trip!
2.  Elijah Wood at Nerd HQ 2014. Now EW has been on my man crush list since my early fangirl days. EW was my VERY 1st crush EVER! So when the time came to meet him in person for the 1st time I was understandably nervous. My good friend Meli talked me off the bawling cliff when I first spotted him. It was amazing to learn he was such a sweet and happy person.
3.  Any A Silent Film concert. Now I have ASF stories for days: my 30th birthday, the first time seeing them with my Music Maven and Gamer Geek, traveling to Portland to see them. Every time is magical, I get lost in my musical heaven. And SOMETIMES I even elbow friends in the face {accidently!}. The picture above says exactly how music and ASF make me feel.
4. My entire UK Trip 2013. Can one person fangirl for six days straight?! YES, yes they can. And I am that fangirl. The moment my flight announced we were landing in London I was on the highest fangirl setting and it didn't end until I was on my way back home. Everything an Anglophile could ask for was given to me in my six days in the England. The weather cooperated, I saw ALMOST everything I wanted to see and bought all the things!

I didn't need to have perfect weather, I saw lot of things only in passing and I could have done with just my memories. That is how much I enjoyed my time in the England and cannot wait to experience even more this coming October. JUST being there is enough!
5.  Matt Smith photo op. Though it didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked {read all about the debacle here!} as soon as the curtains opened and THE DOCTOR was standing there with a jolly greeting, all of that faded away. I cannot be more happy with how our photo came out and do have been able to experience it with The Gamer Geek, made it even more special!

This prompt was so fun to write about. I can write about my fangirl loves all day! Now time to get reading yours! Make sure you tag me on Twitter so I can RT your posts and comment below!


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  1. Love your Matt Smith photo totally would Fangirl at that XD

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  2. That UK trip looks amazing! It really makes me want to go too! Loved this post <3

  3. My high school self would lose her mind to meet Elijah Wood haha! I had SUCH a crush on him when the LoTR movies came out!

  4. Ha, I have Sam on my list too! LOL

  5. Freaking out over the Doctor Who fun you had in England!! That never ceases to make me so excited!!!

  6. O M G! I don't even know what I would do if I ever ended up that close to Matt Smith. Faint probably!!!

  7. Such great photos! Squeeeee! Matt Smith doing a Doctor pose, too! ;)


  8. Eee! These are all so great, and gah, I know what you mean about the UK. My trip last year was all kinds of amazing. I am so excited for your next adventure in October! :D

  9. "WHEN DON'T I fangirl?!" I know what you mean!!! Great list!

    PS - That photo of you at the concert is beautiful!

  10. Melissa (Eris)April 03, 2015

    Whovian fangirl alert!! I miss Matt Smith so much. You look adorable in that picture

  11. Katie OhToFeelPrettyApril 04, 2015

    Love it :) I posted mine here : didn't have pictures for all of them though :(

  12. Thanks so much, I was nervous about how I'd look in it! LOL xx

  13. Thank you Kate, I love it so much. I don't ever get MY picture taken at shows. I'm happy my friend caught this! xx

  14. Kristin, I kept touching him to make sure he was real! LOL xx

  15. WHAAAAAAAA!? I feel SO out of the loop lately! Running to read yours now! xx

  16. He was my first crush Kay and I had to REALLY hold it together! xx

  17. The pic of you three at A Silent Film is EVERYTHING!
    I wanted to get to see more shows with you :'(
    Hopefully I can start flying to CA a few more times to do so.

  18. Thank you Joie, I do adore that photo, it is our happy place! Hope to see you soon!! xx