Monday, February 9, 2015

The Nerdy Girlie's Music Monday #11: The Filthy Souls

Did you read my last week’s Music Monday?! I had a bad case of concert blues and band jealousy. Thankfully, this week, the slate was wiped clean and I got my groove back, all due to Dave Green of The Filthy Souls.
You might remember my novel about how I came to find The Filthy Souls...and what came after...if not, you have to go read one of the most favorite posts I’ve ever written {5 Songs That Changed My Life}. Go a head and read it, or even read it again, then come back...I’ll wait!

There are only a handful of bands that give me all the FEELS and The Filthy Souls is one of them. I’ve seen them once before as a full band, but this past Friday at O’Brien’s in Santa Monica {my backyard!} it was the lead singer Dave Green, solo.
I can always tell that a show is amazing when I don’t want to take pictures {so sorry these aren’t my best!}. I love when an artist can capture my attention, keep me in the moment and make me only care about the music. I definitely had this “trouble” during Dave’s set. He is such an emotional singer that I didn’t want to fuss with capturing it in camera, I wanted to capture it in my heart and soul.
One of my favorite parts of any The Filthy Souls set is Destroy You {fave song, LISTEN!}. During this song Dave’s stunning and talented girlfriend, Taryn joins him on stage for a duet. They have such amazing chemistry, it’s intoxicating. The picture above is from their show at The Troubadour this past July. See what I mean when I said, I hardly took any photos?!

We all know those "LA girls," the ones that are too pretty, cool and intimidating to talk to. Taryn is pretty, cool and a joy to talk to! We are both taking guitar lessons from Danny, the guitarist of The Filthy Souls, so right away we had something to bond over. I love how this city, which I was so intimidated to move to, has brought truly genuine and rad people into my universe.
Dave played a bunch of new songs during his set and the new stuff had me hanging onto every word as much as the songs I already knew and loved. This is why I love live music so much, if an artist is great, they can hook you even with songs you’ve never heard. The bonus that night was that I was able to be there with amazing friends. When you can look over at someone who gets a band as much as you do, the experience means so much more.

A cherry on top to any amazing band is how they interact with their fans. Dave and I have interacted back and forth on social media for awhile now, and have met once in passing at guitar lessons, but never have been formally introduced. So when Danny officially introduced us it surprised me that Dave knew me by name and The Nerdy Girlie.
Taryn, Danny, me, Dave.

This never ceases to astonish me. It means that the artist takes their job seriously and shows that they are truly invested in the people who love their music. Wouldn’t that make you want to shout from the roof tops and cheer them on?!

What is your favorite part of the concert going experience? Friends, photos, band interaction?  Share your stories in the comments below! THEN go listen to The Filthy Souls and get ready for them to explode this year!


Katya Owu said...

Awwh, I love that at small gigs when bands actually make the effort to stick around and say hi to their fans! It just makes all the difference <3

Kendall Ashley said...

That is so awesome that they knew you and your blog! What a fun night!

Joie_Fatale said...

Awww! He knew you! You're a celeb too ;)
And I agree: a band hanging around for a bit to interact with fans is so nice!

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