Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Geek Girls Gab: The Calligrapher's Ink

I'm not quite sure how Lindsay and I began talking, but I know why.  Three little words you've heard from me many times...A Silent Film.  Lindsay has helped me a lot with my writing.  She's helped me grow and she has made me better.  I cannot thank her enough for her guidance.  
After a few months of corresponding solely through Facebook, the two of us came face to face on my Portland trip last year.  We must have had the biggest hug in history!  We had less than 24 hours together and we never left each other's site.

Isn't it amazing the people you can connect with through your love of something else?  She is more than just another ASF fangirl...she is a brilliant writer who has me holding my breath through every word she writes.  Check out her blog The Calligrapher's Ink and our interview below!

The Nerdy Girlie:  What is your first nerd memory?
Lindsay:  I would have to say that I began really nerding for Interview with the Vampire. I was 13 when the film starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt came out. It did have a little (ok, a lot) to do with Brad Pitt, but I discovered that I really was fascinated by the supernatural creatures of the night and I became obsessed. Interview also inspired me at age 13 to write my own vampire screenplay!

The first music nerd experience I had was when I was 15 when I discovered Rob Thomas, through his band Matchbox Twenty. I had always like music, but Rob's lyrics are what grabbed me. It was like he had taken the words I wanted to write and made them his own; or, rather, his words became mine. I was obsessed with MB20 and Rob became my idol. I was able to meet him in 2006, and he was as amazing and gracious as I hoped he would be. (I DO have a picture of this, but I absolutely hate it of me!!! It was 9 years ago....crazy)
The Nerdy Girlie:  How and when did you begin blogging?
Lindsay:  I began blogging in 2012, although my blog {The Calligrapher's Ink} has undergone many revisions. My most recent revision came last year, when I removed my creative writing from my blog and began to write about the things in my life that inspire my creative writing: my girls, music, and fandoms. I also write creative prose and have just started book reviews.

The Nerdy Girlie:  What have you learned about yourself through blogging?
Lindsay:  I have learned that I actually do have a lot more to write about than just my novels and my poetry. Writing is soothing to me; it always has been. Blogging allows me to write out my thoughts and share what I love with whoever stumbles across my blog, even if it’s only me and a handful of friends and family who read it! It also allows me to write about the nerdy things I love.   

The Nerdy Girlie:  What are some of your favorite blogs to read?
Lindsay:  The Nerdy Girlie! I also like Poets and Writers, Musings on Fantasia, and several book review blogs. Paper Droids was recommended to me, and I love it! Additionally, I read the blog of Eschler Editing and highly recommend it for aspiring writers. 
The Nerdy Girlie:  What do you nerd out about?
Lindsay:  YA fantasy, dystopian, and paranormal novels (my favorite authors in that genre are Shannon Hale, Kristen Cashore, Suzanne Collins, Ally Condie, and Cassandra Clare); anything Middle-earth related; Harry Potter (#Potterheadforlife); Jane Austen; Seinfeld; and I have recently gotten into Bob’s Burgers and Sherlock (I have always been a Sherlock Holmes fan; now that I’ve seen Benedict and Martin, I am SHERLOCKED!). I am also a music nerd and concert junkie. Music inspires my writing. I have to listen to music when I write! I am a huge A Silent Film fan. I am currently non-stop listening to the musical genius of Brian Fallon, who is the singer/songwriter of The Gaslight Anthem. He also did an album as The Horrible Crowes and it’s brilliant.

The Nerdy Girlie:  Share some girlie things you love!
Lindsay:  I still love glitter and I wish I had more occasions to wear it.  I like doing my makeup so I usually wear it every day. If I had more time and money, I would get a pedicure every week. I love wearing dresses and getting pretty for a concert. I also have discovered that I’m really into shoes and boots. My shoe rack is overflowing in my closet! I absolutely love getting my daughters dressed and doing their hair. It’s like playing beauty parlor!

I talk to Lindsay everyday and I still didn't know all of this about her!  Interview With A Vampire is my FAVORITE movie, I never knew it meant so much to her.  Some people you are just destined to be friends with and because of A Silent Film that happened!

Check out Lindsay's beautiful words on her blog The Calligraphre's Ink.  You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram!  If you haven't already, you can read her The Hobbit guest post here on The Nerdy Girlie, where she shares her passion for all things Tolkien.

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