Monday, January 12, 2015

The Nerdy Girlie's Music Monday #8: 10 Songs To Nerd Out About!

{LISTEN to the Spotify playlist}

I have been a lifelong fan of music.  It was my first fan-girl obsession {along with the NES and Popples}.  My music tastes back then were not as refined as now *cough* {Backstreet Boys, *Nsync and NKOTB}.  But with guidance from The Music Maven I have been introduced to some awesome bands {more props to follow!}.  

So let's roll the windows down, let our hair blow in the breeze and make up dance moves to these squee-able songs!  {in NO particular order!}
10.  Harbour Lights - A Silent Film.  First thanks to The Music Maven for introducing me to these awesome Lads.  Harbor Lights was one of her top ten songs of 2012 and with that song I fell in love.  When I found out they would be in San Diego for my 30th birthday I got a group of ladies together and we had an amazing night rocking out!  Finding out that the band were also kind was a bonus!  I was even more excited to be able to see them WITH The Music Maven...and the rest is history.
9.  Soldier - Gavin DeGraw.  I have been a fan of Gavin DeGraw since the beginning.  His newest album, Soldier caught me right away.  I am such a hopeless romantic and this song totally plays into that.  Plus it was easy to make up my own dance to {I only do that with songs I love}.

8.  Not In That Way - Sam Smith.  I have a really blessed life.  I don't have many troubles to deal with, but sometimes I'm weird and like to pretend.  That is when I turn to Sam Smith and THIS song.  I LOVE belting it out when no one is around and have all the FEELS {and the Oscar goes to...The Nerdy Girlie!}.  He is my go to writing inspiration and chill out music. #swoonmusic
7.  Pavement - Mona.  Mona was another of The Music Maven's top albums of 2012. The song she added Lines in the Sand was my first favorite, but after getting the entire album Pavement just grabbed my heart with its pure raw emotion.  This would totally be my karaoke jam!
6.  Nursery Rhyme - Bad Veins.  The Music Maven's top album of 2012 and I have to agree!  Nursery Rhyme just makes me want to get up and dance!  I was happy to have been able to see Bad Veins multiple times and they put on an AMAZING show!  BONUS:  The nicest nerdy dudes who are fun to talk to.
5.  Skip the Charades - Cold War Kids.  Another one of The Music Maven's all time favorite bands.  This entire album I love, but this particular song is my stand out!  You can feel the heartbreak in this song, I love songs with powerful emotion! {Insert my 2nd Oscar win}
4.  Kathleen {live} - Josh Ritter.  Josh Ritter is best heard LIVE.  I had never heard him before and my friend Susan took me to his show.  I fell in love right then and there with the way he emotes on stage and brings his songs to life.  You can see on his face how much he loves what he is doing!  Seriously that smile?!
3.  Chocolate - The 1975.  One word, chocolate.  Yeah I wanna hear a song about that amazing sweet!  Do you love eating chocolate?  Then you are going to LOVE rocking out to this song.  It is so completely delicious and infectious!  I dare you to not like it!

2.  Juliet - Royal Wood.  I credit Being Human U.S. for my love of Royal Wood.  Their first season had a few of his songs and that prompted me to get the vinyl.  His songs are so romantic and I am alway a sucker for the use of a piano in music!  As you will find out with most of these bands I have picked.
1.  Destroy You - The Filthy Souls.  Listen to just one note of this song, you will be hooked.  Before any lyrics were sung, I was done.  BUT that's not it!  Just wait till you get to that chorus!  Yeah you'll be dancing in no time.
As I was half way through this write up, I realized that it is difficult to explain why something grabs me!  There are so many songs out there, why do these ten do something different to me?!  What do YOU think of them?!  I would love to know if the feelings are mutual!

PLUS you have to tell me what songs YOU have to close your eyes and just dance to!  Share them with me in the comments below!  I love finding new musical loves!

Also it looks like I need to see Sam Smith and Royal Wood this year!  They are the only band on my list I haven't seen live!


Lemon Freckles said...

I am awful when it comes to discovering new music. Honestly, I have zero taste. So I love your Music Monday, I always give them a google and a listen. Thanks for sharing! x

Megan Gotch said...

Toni, thank you so much! That means a lot. I LOVE sharing my favorite music! ps your blog is one of my favorites to visit! xx

Jenn McClure said...

I love this playlist! I'm always on the look for new music and this is awesome. So glad you linked to spotify!!


dannifred said...

love sam smith and the 1975!

xx danielle //

Joie_Fatale said...

Harbour Lights, and The Sycamore Tapes version of "Cuckoo Song" make me have feels!
(If you ever choose not to be The Nerdy Girlie, you and Tillie join me on the pimping life as: The Music Pimps)!

Megan Gotch said...

#sideproject!!! Cuckoo always gives me the feels Joie!! xx

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